SAP Consolidation in FI (FI-LC) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 139 SAP standard tables used with SAP Consolidation in FI component (SAP FI-LC) coming under SAP FI (Financial Accounting) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP FI-LC tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

FI-LC: LC ledger

FI-LC: Ledgers for conversion

FI-LC: Companies for conversion

FI-LC: Settings for euro conversion adjustments

FI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tables

FI-LC: Transaction-related fields for table FILCT

FI-LC: Acct assign.fields (Object-TrPartner) for table FILCT

FI-LC: Plan line items for object table

FI-LC: Global totals table with 2 object tables

Index table for FI-LC document cluster

Consolidation totals table

Summary Data Preparations for Consolidation

Business area consolidation: deviating records

Compressed Consolidation transaction data


Company data for Consolidation

Company sort criteria

Business segments: texts

Assignment of business segment

Upload methods

Upload Methods: Texts

Upload Methods: Field Catalogs

Version-dependent assignment: Company/data import + validtn

Company correspondence data

Tax rates

Layout: FS chart of accounts

Changes in Investments


Subgroup companies

Consolidation frequencies

Consolidation frequencies: Texts

Consolidation Periods

Subgroup companies

Version-dependent subgroup characteristics

Company status

Subgroup status

Financial statement items for consolidation

Selected FS items

Financial statement item texts

FS item short texts

Reasons for inclusion in consolidation

Reasons for inclusion in consolidation

Transaction Types

Transaction type texts

Transaction type groups

Transaction type groups: Texts

Line layout of data entry forms

Column layout of data entry form

Data entry form groups: Names

Data entry form groups: Texts

Data entry form bundling

Validation groups

Validation groups: Texts

Validation Rules

Column layout for data entry form: Names

Column layout for data entry form: Text

Line layout for data entry form: Name

Line layout for data entry form: Text

Consolidation versions

Versions for Consolidation integration

Consolidation version texts

Data entry forms

Data entry form title

First additional field

First additional field: Texts

Second additional field

Second additional field: Texts

Third additional field

Third additional field: Texts

FI-LC: Assignment of first add. fld to second add. fld

FI-LC: Assignment of second add. fld to third add. fld

Additional Field Category

Additional field type: Texts

Standard reports: Headings

Standard reports: Header texts

Standard reports: Column layout

Standard reports: Column layout texts

Standard reports: Column layout

Standard reports: Headers

Standard reports: Line layout

Standard reports: Line layout texts

Standard reports: Line layouts

Consolidation standard reports

Report groups

Report groups: Names

Report groups: Texts

Reports for Interactive Reporting

Report titles

Valuations: Texts


Selections for reporting

INDX datasets

Selection: Document status


Intercompany Elimination

Elimination of IC profit/loss: FS items

Elimination of IC P/L: Assignment of additional fields

Product groups

Product group texts

Elimination of IC profit and loss

Elimination of IC profit/loss: Inventory management co.s

Elimination of IC profit/loss: Vendor data

Consolidation methods

Consolidation of investments methods

Consolidation method assignment

Changes in investee equity

Equity Holdings Adjustments

Periodic entry for affiliated companies

Hidden reserves

Elimination of hidden reserves

Asset transfers within the group

Changes in depreciation

Asset transfers

Change in depreciation of asset transfers

Consolidation document types

Document types

Consolidation document type texts

Validation of Consolidation document

Consolidation activity groups

Consolidation activity groups: Names

Consolidation activity groups: Texts

Standard texts

Data transfer directories

Valuation methods

Consolidation companies

Currency translation

Assignment valuation methods to company codes

Translation Differences: Additional Account Assignment

Historical currency translation

Exchange rate indicator for currency translation

Currency translation methods used in Consolidation

Exchange rate indicator references

Sets used in currency translation

Currency translation method table: Texts

Consolidation business areas

Text table for TGSBK

Business area consolidation: SD assignments

Business area consolidation: MM assignments

Consolidation test data