SAP Lease Accounting in FI (FI-LA) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 120 SAP standard tables used with SAP Lease Accounting in FI component (SAP FI-LA) coming under SAP FI (Financial Accounting) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP FI-LA tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Object Status for Restart Exception Handling

Object Data: Value ID Change Header Information

Process Data

Assignment of Process – FI/CO Document Numbers

Assignment of Objects to Assets

Object Data: Additional Information

Object Data: Changed Value IDs

Object Data: Value IDs and their Values/Contents

Object Data: Processing Info for Process

Restart Legacy Data Transfer for Lease Accounting

Synchronization of CRM and LAE Legacy Data

Refinancing Program

Text for Refinancing Program

Tranche Header: Selection Result for Refinancing

Tranche Item: Selection Result for Refinancing

One-Time Postings: Header

One-Time Postings: Items

FSL: Billing

Mapping Table for ID Object Type (AB) and ID Object Type(BP)

FSL: User Status for Item

FSL: User Status Text for Item

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

Contract Classification

Lease-Accounting-Relevant Conditions

LAE: CRM Contract Header

LAE: Contract Items

Link between LAE and CRM Contract Items

Product Information

Additional Contract Data for LAE

Handling Methods

Methods for Retrieval of Object Data

Assignment of Acct Prin. to Interest Rate Calc. Methods

Accounting Principles for Classification in CRM

Accounting Principles for CRM Classification -Texts

Application Components of Accounting Engine

Structure of Tree Controls in Leasing Explorer

Assignment Accounting Principle -> Depreciation Area

Control of Useful Life Adjustment for Upgrades

Process Mapping for Processs from External Systems

Posting Periods Closed for Processes in LAE

Method Texts


Process Texts

Reasons for Changes

Change Reason Texts

SYST: Allowed Change Events

Control Table for Value IDs to Be Changed or Added

Specifications for Change Processes

Processes for Changing Value ID Contents

Assignment- Subprocesses to User-Defined Processing Methods



Value IDs and their Determination

For Later Use of Value IDs for Retrieval

Value IDs Referenced from Method

Values/Data Required by Method

Values/Data Required by Method

Value IDs

Assignment of Value ID -> Accrual Method for Determ. Balance

Assignment of Payment Schedule for Accrual Postings

Specifications for One-Time Postings per Value ID

Assignment Condition Type -> Value ID

Value IDs to Be Included in Payment Schedule

Payment Schedules

Payment Schedule Definition

Payment Schedule Names

Assignment of Company Code to Grouping Key

Grouping Key

Name of Grouping Key

Assignment of Value IDs to Structure Field

Assignment of Field Transfer of Two Structures

Mapping Table for Structure Fields in Value IDs

Option IDs

Option IDs

Assign Value IDs for Determining Residual Value

Fill New Residual Values in Conditions

Controls Number of Processes

Assignment of Derivations for Validations/Substitutions

Check Sequences in Financing Classification

Texts of Check Sequences in Financing Classification

Check Steps in Financing Classification

Class Groups

Class Groups

Financing Classes

Assignment of Access Keys to Financing Classes

Texts for Financing Classes

Specification Asset Values Copied for Following Business

Assignmt of Value IDs to Fields of FILA_LCS_PARAM Structure

Option IDs

Option Indicators: Names

Assignment of Value IDs to Fields of Logical DB

Determination of Data Basis for Reports

Define Refinancing Category

Text for Refinancing Category

Assign Sales Tax Flag and Clearing Account to Refi. Categ.

Assign Refinancing Categ. and Change Process to Cluster Type

Assign Refinancing Category and Process Type to Processes

Mapping for Payment Schedule Forfaiting

Number Range per Company Code and Refinancing Type

Text for Number Range per Refinancing Type and Company Code

Assign Refinancing Category and Value Identifier

Document Group Characteristic

Document Group Characteristic Name

Account Determination Rule

Document Group Characteristic Name

Posting Key for Document Grouping Characteristic

Persistence for Payment Trigger Containing Errors

Definition Table for Payment Triggers + Handler Classes

Log Table for Reports on Handling of Payment Triggers

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