SAP Account Assignment Tcodes, Tables & References

This SAP Account Assignment tutorial contains the reference data about its menu path, tcodes, tables, table fields, function modules and SAP components.

Here is the possible menu path to access Account Assignment menu in SAP.

Accounting – Real Estate Management – Tools – Account assignment –

Information Systems – General Report Selection – Financial Accounting – General Ledger Reports – Master Data – Account Assignment Manual –

Logistics – Materials Management – Purchasing – Outline Agreement – List Displays – By Account Assignment –

SAP Account Assignment Tcodes

Here is a list of possible transaction codes dealing with Account Assignment in SAP.

SAP Account Assignment Tcodes and tables

SAP Account Assignment Tables

Here is a list of possible system tables storing Account Assignment related data in SAP.

Table Fields with Account Assignment data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are may be used for storing Account Assignment related data in SAP.

  • CIACC – Assignment of FM account assignment to account is binding
  • KNTBU – Account assignment category: unknown account assignment
  • CHKCOOBJ – Object Checked as Account Assignment Object for Assignment
  • COACC – Assignment of FM-CO account assignment is binding
  • KZKON – Display or suppress account field/manual account assignment
  • KONAB – Derive preliminary account assignment from G/L account
  • ACC_SYMBOL – Account Symbol for Account Assignment Reference
  • D_ACC_SYMBOL – Account Symbol for Account Assignment Reference
  • C_ACC_SYMBOL – Account Symbol for Account Assignment Reference
  • ACCOUNT_SYMBOL – Account Symbol for Account Assignment Reference

Function Modules for Account Assignment in SAP

Here is a list of possible function modules which may be used with Account Assignment related processes in SAP.

  • /AIN/DM_BARCODE_AS_DELETE – Delete Entry of Application Identifier Type Assignment
  • /AIN/DM_BARCODE_AS_READ_BYGUID – Read Barcode Type Assignment by GUIDs of Location and Device Group
  • /AIN/DM_BARCODE_AS_READ_BYRANG – Read Barcode Assignment Data by Ranges
  • /AIN/DM_BARCODE_AS_WRITE – Add Entry of Application Identifier Type Assignment
  • /AIN/PRN_UNASSIGN_PROFILE – Remove the profile assignment for given profile
  • /AIN/TU_TAG_ASGN_DELETE – Delete Entry of AutoID Tag Format Assignment
  • /AIN/TU_TAG_ASGN_READ_BYGUID – Read Table of AutoID Tag Format Assignment
  • /AIN/TU_TAG_ASGN_WRITE – Write Table of AutoID Tag Format Assignment
  • /BA1/F4_OBJ_INTRATES_GET_ENV – Environment (Bank Analyzer or Account Management)
  • /BA1/F4_OBJ_INTRATES_GET_LTYPE – Environment (Bank Analyzer or Account Management)
  • /BKC/SOL21_AC_EXPORT_ZKEY – Import assignment key old/new
  • /BKC/SOL21_AC_IMPORT_ZKEY – Export assignment key old/new
  • /BKC/SOL21_INSERT_TIBAN – C&T! – Transfer of International Bank Account Numbers
  • /BKC/SOL21_SWISS_PERNR_KONNR – C&T! – Transfer of personnel numbers and account numbers
  • /CCEE/SIFI_WGL_RFGLBALANCE – G/L Account Balance Display

Account Assignment handling Components in SAP

Here is a list of possible components / sub modules which may be dealing with Account Assignment related processes in SAP. List contains sub module name, then containing component and description.

  • IS-M-BF-AA – I510000069 – Account Assignment
  • MM-SRV-ACC – AL00000031 – Account Assignment
  • SD-BIL-CA – HLA0006584 – Account Assignment
  • SRM-EBP-CA-ACC – AEC0000496 – Account Assignment
  • FI-SL-SL-MD-CC – HLA0001333 – Account Assignment Combinations
  • PT-IN-CA – HLA0100357 – Cost Assignment
  • ICM-PFO – AER0000064 – Portfolio Assignment (PFO
  • PY-NO-RP-AN – HLA0001865 – Assignment Number
  • LO-MD-MPA – AC00000081 – Assignment of Markdown Profiles
  • PLM-WUI-APP-RTG – /PLMB/E6C0000001 – Routing: EBOM Assignment
  • LO-VC-CHR – ALR0009203 – Characteristic Value Assignment / Interface Design
  • EP-PIN-FPN-ADM-RRA – B200003978 – FPN: Admin environment of Remote Role Assignment
  • EP-PIN-FPN-RRA – B200004563 – Federated portal network: Remote Role assignment
  • EP-PIN-FPN-RUN-RRA – B200003743 – Federated Portal Network: Runtime for Remote Role Assignment
  • IS-B-BCA-MD-AC – KI43000002 – Account