SAP Funds management ( FI-FM ) Module tutorial, transactions and tables

SAP Funds management ( FI-FM ) is another sub component under FI module. As the name it helps the organization to manage funds. View Tables, Tcodes and PDF tutorials to learn more about this module.

It helps the companies for proper budgeting and avoiding overrun budgets. Funds management integrate with many modules like General Ledger Accounting ( G/L ), bank accounting , Material management ( MM ) etc to get the complete funds data. It checks all the transactions like where from receiving the funds, and where is all the funds expenditure occurs and which are the funds to receive in future. based on these data, organization can plan and create their forecasting budgets and can utilize their funds more better way.

SAP Funds Management TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under FI-FM component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  1. KBLP → Document Item: Manual Document Entry
  2. FMDECKRGT → Cover Pool Texts
  3. FMR_TOLS → Tolerance Key for Overrun Tolerance
  4. FMRESINI1 → Earmarked Funds: Initialization Information
  5. FMTTXID → Help Table for Maintenance View: Long Texts
  6. FIWF_ACGRP → Account Assignment Groups for Role Definition
  7. FMFRG → Define Release Groups
  8. FMBUDGETPD → FM: Budget Period Master Data
  9. FMIP → Plan Line Items Table for Funds Management
  10. FMRESACCMVRULES → Rules for Account Assignment Transfer
  11. FMVORTR → Cmmt items for carryover item category of totals records
  12. FMUDKBLPS → Budget Increases for Reversal for Forecast of Revenues
  13. FMRESACCMVRULET → Description of an Account Assignment Transfer Rule
  14. KBLPAYP → Payment Plan Items
  15. FMZUBSP → Assign Budget Structure Elements
  16. View sample FI-FM tables lis in PDF
  17. View full list of SAP FI-FM Tables with description

SAP Funds Management FM module tutorial tcodes tables

SAP Funds Management (FI-FM) Tcodes

See some sample transaction codes used with SAP FI-FM sub module. I have added Full list with details in another tutorial (see the link after this list).

  1. FMW3 → Display Funds Block
  2. FMZPM3 → Funds Cmmt: Display Value Adjustment
  3. FMRP_RFFMEP3GX → Year-End Clsg: Preselected Budget
  4. FMZPM1 → Funds commit.: Create value adjust.
  5. FM4G → Budget Structure Element Hierarchy
  6. FME6 → Reorganize Drilldown Reports
  7. S_KI4_38000048 → Assgd Funds (Annual Bdgt, Cmmt Bdgt)
  8. FME7 → Reorganize Report Data
  9. S_KI4_38000041 → FM Acct Assignments with Budget Memo
  10. FMWPM1 → Create Fund Block for Value Adjustmt
  11. FMEN → FMCA: Create Form
  12. FMVA01 → Collective Prcssng Value Adjustments
  13. FMRP_3FMB4004 → Assigned Funds (Annual Budget)
  14. FMX6 → Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction
  15. FMZZ → Revalue Earmarked Funds
  16. View sample FI-FM Tcodes in PDF
  17. View full list of SAP FI-FM tcodes with details

PDF Tutorials


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP Funds Management in FI application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. HLA0006845 → FI-FM → Funds Management
  2. ALR0000035 → FI-FM-AF → More functions
  3. ALR0000037 → FI-FM-AF-CB → Collective expenditure
  4. HLA0100011 → FI-FM-AF-CL → Closing Operations
  5. ALR0000036 → FI-FM-AF-RB → Revenues Increasing Budget
  6. HLA0006531 → FI-FM-BD → Basic Data
  7. HLA0006533 → FI-FM-BU → Budgeting
  8. HLA0006534 → FI-FM-IN → Actual Update and Commitment Update
  9. HLA0006535 → FI-FM-IS → Information System
  10. HLA0100008 → FI-FM-PO → Postings

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