SAP Accounts Payable tcodes – FI-AP module transaction codes

Here is a list of important 89 transaction codes used with SAP FI Accounts payable module. You will get more technical details with screenshots of each of these SAP FI-AP tcodes by clicking on tcode name link.

SAP accounts payable tcodes - transaction codes

TcodePurposeMenu Path
F.47Vendors: calc.of interest on arrearsAccounting →
Financial Accounting →
Accounts Payable →
Periodic Processing →
Interest Calculation →
Calculate Interest on Arrears →
Free Selections
FBW7Bank file to file system (for FBWD)Accounting →
Financial Accounting →
Banks →
Incomings →
Returned Bills of Exchange →
File from Bank
FBW8File to Bank (for Transaction FBWD)Accounting →
Financial Accounting →
Banks →
Incomings →
Returned Bills of Exchange →
Reply to Bank
FNETSVA2Vendor: Change AddressAccounting →
Financial Accounting →
Accounts Payable →
Environment →
Internet Functions →
Vendor: Change Address
FNETSVB1Vendor: Create Bank DetailsAccounting →
Financial Accounting →
Accounts Payable →
Environment →
Internet Functions →
Vendor: Create Bank Details
FNETSVB2Vendor: Change Bank DetailsAccounting →
Financial Accounting →
Accounts Payable →
Environment →
Internet Functions →
Vendor: Change Bank Details
FNETSVB6Vendor: Delete Bank DetailsAccounting →
Financial Accounting →
Accounts Payable →
Environment →
Internet Functions →
Vendor: Delete Bank Details
FOAPCUST00Activation of Application FI-CDA
FOAPLOG01Analyze Application Log
FOAPLOG02Analyze Application Log
FOAPPROC01Transfer Credits and Payments
FOAPPROC02Clear Invoices
MKS11Vendor Sustainability Records
OBW_EXCLDerivation tool for Exclusions
OBWOC FI Withholding Tax
OBWSC FI Withholding Tax
OBWUC FI Withholding Tax
OBWWC FI Withholding Tax
OBWZNumber Range Maintenance: WITH_CTNO
OBXJC FI Table T030B
OMKS1Maintain Number Range for Vendor Sus
OT65C FI Maint. Table T001F (RetBlEx)
OT66C FI Maintain table T001G (RetBlEx)
OT67C FI Maintain table T046S
OT68C FI Maintain table T012K (RetBlEx)
S_AC0_52000026W/Tax Report for Italy: ModelloAccounting →
Financial Accounting →
Accounts Payable →
Withholding Tax →
Italy →
Modello 770
V-11Create carrierLogistics →
Materials Management →
Purchasing →
Master Data →
Subsequent Settlement →
Customer Rebate Arrangements →
Environment →
Customer →
Business Partner →
Carrier →
WTMGConversion of Withholding Tax Data
CRAFArchive Data File
CRAMArchive Card Master Records
CRF1Credit Cards: Read Original Data
CRF2Credit Cards: Delete Standard File
CRF3Credit Cards: Edit Standard File
CRF4Credit Cards: Edit Log
CRK1Create Card Document
CRK2Change Card Document
CRK3Display Card Document
CRO0Display Card Types
CRO1Maintain Card Types
CRO2Display Field Control
CRO3Maintain Field Control
CRO4Display Selection Codes
CRO5Maintain Selection Codes
CRR1Evaluate Card Master Records
CRR2Evaluate Card Documents
CRR3Evaluate Log File
CRS1Create Credit Card Master Record
CRS2Change Credit Card Master Record
CRS3Display Credit Card Master Record
CRTDPayment Card: Create Example File
F_DD_PRENOTIF_DELList of Dir. Debit Pre-notifications
F_DD_PRENOTIF_ITEMItem Direct Debit Pre-notification
F_DD_PRENOTIF_LISTList of Dir. Debit Pre-notifications
F110S_DD_PRENOTIFPayment Runs After DD Pre-Notif.
FBN2Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORD
FCHUCreate Reference for Check
FIPAY_BDGTS01Subsequent SPL Screening
FIPAY_CUST01Maintenance View V_FIPAY_T042_GTS
FPCL_CUSTOMIZINGPayment Release List (France)
FPCR_ACTIVATEApplic.: Activate Garnishment Reg.
FPCR_CUSTOMIZINGGarnishment Register
FPIN_LISTEnter Arrears Days for Penalty Int.
FPRL_ACTIVATEActivate Payment Release List
FPRL_CLEAR_DIDefine Approval Levels
FPRL_CUSTOMIZINGPayment Release List
FPRL_DOC_DIDefine Approval Levels
FPRL_F110F110 for PRL exclusively
FPRL_LEVELSDefine Approval Levels
FPRL_LISTPayment Release List
FPRL_SET_APPLICSet Payment Release List Application
OBCZC FI Maintain Table T021E
OBF5C FI Maint. Table T042OFI/T042OFIT
OBIAC FI Maintain View Cluster VC_TFAG
OBIBParameter Transaction for V_TFAGM
OBW3Instructions in Payment Transactions
OBWRC FI Maintain Table FEDIWF1
OCRDNumber Range Maintenance: FCRP
CIS_VENDORVendor Master Data Update
CISVCIS Vendor Verification Process
CISVUUpdate Vendor master
FIWTRCTVendor specific threshold amounts
IE_RCT_SUBMITTransaction to execute RCT program
IE_RCT_UPDATETransaction to update RCT Response
J1ICOVENDMonthly freelancer data
S_P00_07000134Generic Withholding Tax ReportingAccounting →
Financial Accounting →
Accounts Receivable →
Withholding Tax →
Generic Withholding Tax Reporting
WTNRw/tax certificate number range
WTOGdefine output group