SAP BDC interview Questions & Answers

1.  What is full form of BDC Session?

Batch Data Communication Session.

2.  What are the steps in a BDC session?

The first step in a BDC session is to identify the screens of the transaction that the program will process.  Next step is to write a program to build the BDC table that will be used to submit the data to SAP. The final step is to submit the BDC table to the system in the batch mode or as a single transaction by the CALL TRANSACTION command.

3. How do you find the information on the current screen?

The information on the current screen can be found by SYSTEM à
STATUS command from any menu.

4.  How do you save data in BDC tables?

The data in BDC tables is saved by using the field name ‘BDC_OKCODE’ and field value of ‘/11’.

5. What is the last entry in all BDC tables?

In all BDC tables the last entry is to save the data by using the field name BDC_OKCODE and a field value of ‘/11’.

6.  What is a multiple line field?

A multiple line field is a special kind of field which allows the user to enter multiple lines of data into it.

7.  How do you populate data into a multiple line field?

To populate data into a multiple line field, an index is added to the field name to indicate which line is to be populated by the BDC session (Line index).

8.  Write the BDC table structure.

BDC table structure

FIELD                     TYPE                            DESCRIPTION

Program                CHAR (8)                      Program name of transaction.

DynPro                 CHAR (4)                      Screen number of transaction.

DynBegin              CHAR (1)                      Indicator for new screen.

Fnam                    CHAR (35)                     Name of database field from screen.

Fval                      CHAR (80)                     Value to submit to field.

9. Does the CALL TRANSACTION method allow multiple transactions to be processed by SAP?

No.  The CALL TRANSACTION method allows only a single
transaction to be processed by SAP.

10.    Does the BDC-INSERT function allow multiple transactions to be processed by SAP?


11.    What is the syntax for ‘CALL TRANSACTION’?

CALL TRANSACTION trans [using bdctab MODE mode].

Three possible entries are there for MODE.

                  A          –           Show all screens.

                  E          –           Show only screens with errors.

                  N          –           Show no screens.