SAP Occupational Health in EHS (EHS-HEA) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 176 SAP standard tables used with SAP Occupational Health in EHS component (SAP EHS-HEA) coming under SAP EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP EHS-HEA tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

DB table for infotype 1403

DB table for infotype 1404

Long-Term Average Rating A – E

Exposure Frequency Rating

Exposure Measurement Basis -> Language-Dependent Texts

Reference Value Source (Obsolete)

Agents (Obsolete)

Reference Values for Agent (Obsolete)

Laws/Regulations for Agent (Obsolete)

Agent Text Table

EHS: Case History Type

EHS: Case History Type – Language-Dependent Descriptions

EHS: Case History of Person – Description

EHS: Case History of Person

Case History of Person

Agent Types

Text Table for Agent Types

Audiogram: Adjustment Data

Audiogram: Baseline Status

Audiogram: Baseline Status (Text Table)

Results Catalog Categories

Results Catalog Categories (Text Table)

Result Code

Result Code (Match Code and Text Table)

Results Grouping

Results Grouping (Text Table)

Priority for Results Selection

Priority for Results Selection (Text Table)

Result Code Category

Result Code Category (Text Table)

Source of Result

Source of Result (Text Table)

Comment Lines for Results in Med. Service

EHS: Medical Practice Calendar Favorites

Assgmt of MP Calendar Owner to Physician for Service Appt

EHS: Medical Practice Calendar – Substitutes for Org. Units

Comments at Start/End of a Protocol Assignment

Comments on Assignment of a Protocol to the Person

Diagnosis Catalog Categories

Diagnosis Catalog Categories (Text Table)

Diagnosis Groups

Diagnosis Groups (Text Table)

Priority for Selecting Diagnosis

Priority for Selecting Diagnosis (Text Table)

Diagnosis Key Category

Diagnosis Key Category (Text Table)

Diagnosis Key

Diagnosis Key (Matchcode Table)

Diagnosis Types

Diagnosis Types (Text Table)

Cause of Diagnosed Illness

Cause of Diagnosed Illness (Text Table)

Effects of the Diagnosis

Effects of the Diagnosis (Text Table)

Diagnosis Rating

Diagnosis Rating (Text Table)

Source of Diagnosis

Source of Diagnosis

Diagnosis Comment Lines in the Medical Service

Examination Category

Text Table for Examination Categories


Assignments of Examination to Lab. Tests

Assignments of Examination to Physical Tests

Examinations (Text Table)

Examination Results: Audiogram

Examination Results: Lab. Tests

Examination Results: Physical Tests

Examination Results: Pulmonary Function Test

Examination Results in the Medical Service

Examination Results in the Medical Service (Text Table)

Examination Comment Lines in Medical Service

Examination Type / Frequency Type

Text Table for Examination Type / Frequency Type

Tests for Laboratory Examinations

Gender-Dependent Upper and Lower Reference Values

Text Table for t7ehs00_labtestg

Comment about Test Results in Medical Service

Form: Restrictions

Restrictions / Incapacity to Work

Restrictions / Incapacity to Work (Text Table)

Comment Lines for Restrictions in Medical Service

Conversion Table: BP Number/HR PersNo to Internal Number

Form: Medical Certificate

Texts for Medical Certificate

EHS: Occupational Health Objects

EHS: Occupational Health Objects

Table for Storing Operations

EHS: Planning Cockpit: Field Output Def. for Detail Dialog

Assignment Person / Health Center

Enter Validity of Protocol with Respect to Person

Comments on Person

Protocol Categories

Text Table for Protocol Categories

Tests for Physical Examinations

Possible Tests for Physical Examinations

Protocol Owner

Protocol Owner Name

Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-analysis_text

Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-description

Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-follow_up

Table for Comment Field: Protocol_Regulation-procedure_text

Health Surveillance Protocols

Agents for Protocol

Proposed Health Surveillance Protocols from EHSM

Examinations for Protocol

Frequency of Protocol

Task Assignment Health Surv. Protocol

Table for Comment Field: Protocol Description

Regulations for Protocol

Protocol Text Table

Comment Lines for Protocols in Medical Service

Question Catalog

Criteria for Corresponding Questions t7ehs00_resquest

Header Information for Questionnaires

Table for Questions Answered

Ref. Value Category

Text Table for Ref. Value Category

Health Surveillance Protocol Type

Text Table for Health Surveillance Protocol Type

Table for Storing Other Medical Service Properties

Medical Service (Main Table)

Application: Consultations in Med. Service

Application: Comments on Consultations in Med. Service

Test Results for a Person

Customizing: Consultations in Med. Service

Customizing: Texts for Consultations in Med. Service

Diagnoses for Person

Individual Examinations in a Medical Service

Follow-Up Activities Resulting from Medical Service

Follow-Up Activities Resulting from Med. Serv. (Text Table)

Restrictions of Medical Service

Customizing: Medical Measures in Med. Service

Application: Comments on Medical Measures in Med. Service

Customizing: Medical Measure Categories

Customizing: Texts for Medical Measure Categories

Customizing: Texts for Medical Measures in Med. Service

Customizing: Assigning Med. Measures/Med. Measure Categories

Reservations About Health Acc. to Protocol

Reservations About Health Acc. to Protocol (Text Table)

Health Surv. Protocols for a Med. Service

Comment Lines for Reopening of Medical Service

Check Medical Service

Check Medical Service (Text Table)

Appointments for Medical Service

Status: Scheduling Med. Service

Status: Scheduling Med. Service (Text Table)

Medical Service Status

Medical Service Status (Text Table)

Comment Lines for Medical Service

Medical Service Appointment Type

Medical Service Appointment Type (Text Table)

Health Surveillance Protocol Assignment Status

Status for Protocol Assignment (Text Table)

Table for Storing Suboperations

Proposal: Assign Person to Health Surveillance Protocol

EHS: User-Defined Text Type – Object Type Assignment

Reason for Significant Result

Reason for Abnormality (Text Table)

Value Assignment of Results of Medical Tests

Value Assignment of Results of Medical Tests (Text Table)

EHS: Test Types

EHS: Text Table for Test Types

Status of Test Results

Status of Test Results (Text Table)

ID for Medical Data Import

Text Table: ID for Medical Data Upload

Reference to Medical Data Import

EHS: Vaccination Data Header Information

Form: Protocol Log

Text Table for Work Center

Invitations and Correspondence Forms and Programs

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