SAP Dangerous Goods Management in EHS (EHS-DGP) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 87 SAP standard tables used with SAP Dangerous Goods Management in EHS component (SAP EHS-DGP) coming under SAP EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP EHS-DGP tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

DG: Dummy Table for Lock Obj. on Log. Key for CCDUTDGREL

Dangerous Goods: Lock Table for CCDUTDGREL

DG: Last Change Pointer Evaluation (Specification)

Exceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations: Check Methods

DG: Dummy Table for Lock Obj. on MATNR and DGTMD

Conversion of Phrases in Table Fields (Field: Translation)

Conversion of Phrases in Table Fields (Contents:Translation)

DG: Specify Transport Type

DG: Short Description for Transport Type

DG: Define dangerous goods classes

DG: Label for dangerous goods classes

DG: Define Classification Code (Risk Potential)

Profiles for Additional Information for Danger Label

Description of Profiles for Additional Information

DG: Description for Classification Code

DG: Define danger label

DG: Description for danger label number

DG: Link table to text IDs

DG: Description for user-defined texts

DG: Hazard notes

Descriptions for hazard notes

DG: Hazard Identification Numbers

Text table for hazard identification numbers

DG: Hazard-Inducing Substances

DG: Description for hazard-inducing substances

DG: Processing status for DG master data

DG: Description for processing status

DG: Desc. DG indicator profiles for material master

DG: Selection date for DG documents and DG checks

DG: Text names for DG material-master independent texts

DG: Description for DG material-independent texts

DG: Permitted Primary Languages

DG: Derivation of Secondary Language

DG: Regulations

DG: Derivation of Regulations

DG: Dangerous goods mode of transport category (dummy)

DG: Text Table for Mode of Transport Categories

DG: Define UN numbers (new)

DG: Text table for UN number (new)

DG: Define Checkbox Structure for Filling/Distribution

DG: Checkbox Structure Description for Filling/Distribution

DG: Define Checkbox Struct. for Filling/Distribution (Pack.)

DG: Checkbox Structure Desc. for Filling/Distrib. (Packag.)

DG: Hide Messages when Writing Log

DG: Priorities for Validity Areas per Regulation

DG: Making Filling More Flexible: Assignment Table

Dynamic Tab Titles for Dangerous Goods Master

Descriptions for Dynamic Tab Titles

Assign Text Pattern Profile to Output Types

DG: Approval Code Types

GG: Text Table for Approval Code Types

DG: Relevant Dangerous Goods Master Tables for SD Process

DG: Dangerous goods – check schema – determination routine

DG: Dangerous goods – check methods

DG: Labels for dangerous goods check routines

DG: Usage profile for dangerous goods check routines

DG: Check Schema Determination Routines for Shipment Docs

DG: Defining dangerous goods check schema

DG: Description for dangerous goods check schema

DG: Assignment DG check schema/DG check methods/reaction

DG: Assign DG Check Schemas for Shipping Documents

DG: Assign DG check schemata for transport documents

DG: Assign Dangerous Goods Check Schemas for Sales Documents

DG: Output Conditions for Material Master Fields

DG: Output Conditions for DG-Independent Texts

DG: Controlling EDI Processing

EHS: Determ. Routine for Templ. Proc. in Shipping and Sales

EHS: Validity Template Processing for Sales Documents

EHS: Validity Template Processing for Shipping Documents

EHS: Determ. Routine for Template Processing in Shipment

EHS: Validity Template Processing for Shipment Documents

DG: Assignment Regulation to Regulation Profile

DG: Description Indicator Category

DG: Specify Checkbox Struct. for Temp./One-Time Mat. Maint.

DG: Table fields for long texts in DGTMD

DG: Field Names for DGTMD and DGTM2 (DG Master)

DG: Field Names for DGTPK (Packing Requirement)

DG: Alloc. route, dep. country, dest. country a. RoRo ind.

DG: Transit countries, leg indicator, indicator sea/air

EHS: Hazard Inducer Types

EHS DGM: Description for Hazard Inducer Types

EHS: Hazard Inducer Types

DG: Segregation Rules for Mixed Loading Checks

DG: Determination of Response for Mixed Loading Checks

DG: Description of Response

DG: Decision Matrix for Enterpr.-Spec. Mixed Loading Groups

DG: Appendix Table for VBEPDG

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