SAP Occupational Health in EHS (EHS-HEA) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 77 transaction codes used with SAP EHS-HEA component (SAP Occupational Health in EHS) coming under SAP EHS Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP EHS-HEA tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Medical Services

Occupational Health

Assignment Protocol to Person

Assignment LTA Rating from Work Area

Person list for protocol assignment

Edit Brief Consultation

Create physician

Change physician

Display physician

Create Health Center

Change Health Center

Display Health Center

Create Laboratory

Change Laboratory

Display Laboratory

Create External Company

Change External Company

Display External Company

Enter Substitutes for Calender

Customizing Consultations

Customize Diagnosis Types

Customizing Measures

Import Medical Data

EH&S: Diagnosis Key

Occupational Health Report Tree

Existing objects

Number Ranges Examination ID

Number Ranges Occup. Health Rec. No.

Number Ranges Vaccination ID

Assignment Physician to Calendar

Planning Cockpit

Completing Questionnaires

Assign Persons to Health Center

Exposure Groups

Display Med. D. Import Logs

Delete Med. D. Import Logs

Evaluate Completed Questionnaires

Scan Questionnaire

Medical Service Results / Sign-Off

Open Medical Service

Number Range Maint. Medical Service

Display Appointment List

Logical Database Selection Screen

Existing objects

Scheduling medical service

Edit Vaccinations

Edit Health Surveillance Protocol

Edit Health Surveillance Protocol

Edit Examination

Edit Physical Tests

Edit lab. tests

Injury/Illness Log Entry Versions

Persons > Assigned Protocols

Persons > Examination Dates

Persons > Protocols

Persons > Diagnoses

Persons > Tests > Physical Tests

Persons > Tests > Audiograms

Statistics on Protocols

Existing Exposure Groups

Exposure Group > Persons > Protocols

Persons > restrictions

Persons > Examinations

Persons > Tests > Laboratory Tests

Download Completed Questionnaires

Click here to know details about SAP standard tables used with Occupational Health in EHS.