SAP Dictionary Tutorial – ABAP DDIC

SAP DDIC stands for data dictionary. The ABAP dictionary contains all the metadatas about the data in SAP system. Its related to ABAP workbench and developers used this data for displaying and maintaining this metadata.

  • Tables
  • Indexes
  • Views
  • Structures
  • Data elements
  • Domains
  • Search helps and
  • Lock objects

are some of the important types of dictionary objects.


Here is a list of possible transaction codes dealing with DDIC in SAP.


Here is a list of possible system tables storing DDIC related data in SAP ABAP.

Table Fields with DDIC data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are may be used for storing DDIC related data in SAP ABAP.

  • CONTENT_LENG – ACM-Runtime: Content-Length (Length of the based DDIC-Field)
  • CONTENT_DECIMALS – ACM-Runtime: No. of decimals of a Content (DDIC-Info)
  • TABNAME – Application Log: Context: DDIC structure name
  • BBP_DDIC_CHANGED – Flag: DDIC Reference of Attribute Changed
  • BDOC_MSGSTR – Name of the DDIC message structure
  • MSGSTR – Name of the DDIC message structure
  • TR_SEGDD – Segment DDIC structure
  • F4_FROM_DDIC – Field with Input Help from DDIC
  • FLDNAM – Name of DDIC object (possibly not physically present)
  • GSTRU – Generated DDIC table for LIS, conditions, messages
  • ITEMDDIC – Object: DDIC name
  • .INCLUDE – Generated DDIC objects for application
  • STOR_TYPE – Message Log type (xml or ddic)
  • CLOG_TABLE – XSteps: DDIC Name of a Context Table, 16 Character
  • TABNAME – XSteps: DDIC Name of a Context Table, 16 Character
  • DDIC_SUFFIX – Suffix for a generated DDIC name
  • SCREEN_FIELD – Field Header for DDIC Field
  • SCREEN_FIELD_NEW – Field Header for DDIC Field
  • STRUCTURE – Structure in DDIC
  • DDIC_TYPE – Structure in DDIC

Function Modules for DDIC in SAP

Here is a list of possible function modules which may be used with DDIC related processes in SAP.

  • /BOFU/FBI_VIEW_GENERATE_DDIC – FBI View: Generate DDic Structure
  • /BOFU/FBI_VIEW_GET_DDIC – FBI View: Get DDic Structure
  • /BOFU/FBI_VIEW_GET_MAP – View: Get DDic Type mapping
  • /BOFU/FBI_VIEW_SET_MAP – View: Set DDic Type mapping
  • /IWBEP/FM_SBUI_OD_DDIC_IMP – Service Builder DDIC Import
  • /IXOS/DC61_K_BSP_HELP_VALUES – Get simple helpvalues using BSP DDIC services
  • /OPT/V_AGGR_TABLE_SELECTION – Default function for data selection from DDic table
  • /SAPCEM/DD_DTEL_GET – Determination of the field texts (headings) from the DDIC
  • /SAPCND/ACT_ADJUST_GEN_STATUS – Sets the gen status for on the fly generation according to DDIC meta data
  • /SAPCND/ACT_MASS_ACTIVATION – Mass activation of DDIC objects and reports
  • /SDF/CMO_CHECK_DBTAB_EXISTENCE – Check whether DB table exists in DDIC and on DB
  • /SDF/INF_MISSING_INDICES – Informix: Lists of missing indices and indices not defined in DDIC
  • /SDF/MSS_TEXT_IMAGE_FIELDS – SQL Server tables with long fields: compare size on DB to DDIC row length
  • /SDF/S_TCC_DDIC_TABLE_COUNT – DDIC Table: Count entries
  • /TDAG/CP_LB06_GET_FIELDLENG – CP: Get length definition of a data element from ddic
  • /TDAG/CP_LB06_IDENT_CONV_INOUT – CP: Call DDIC conversion exits for logistic identifiers
  • BALW_SHLP_BAPI_FILL – Fills BAPI Structures with F4 Values from Values of DDIC F4 Modules
  • BDL_GET_DDIC_INFO – Gets function parameters and their DDIC data as defined
  • BSPWD_WZ_RU_ADD_DDIC_TYPES – Select types from a DDIC structure for value attributes