SAP Transporting Objects , Standard Text and ABAP reports

SAP currently provide two standard programs for you to transport the standard texts.

  1. RSTXSCRP – SAPscript Export to Dataset/ SAPscript Import from Dataset
  2. RSTXTRAN – Transfer of SAPscriptTexts to a Correction

4.6c In SE10, tick the followings :-

  • Customizing requests
  • Workbench requests
  • Transport of copies
  • Modifiable
  • Released
  • Hit Enter and a changed request lists will be displayed (click Released directly button or press F9)

STMS – Transport request from Developer to Production (depending on your company settings)

  • Import Overview
  • Double the Target System
  • Select the request to transport and click Import request or Ctrl + F11

Transport ABAP Report from Developer to Production

Assuming that you wrote an abap report in developer 300 and would like to transport it to production 900.

The Step by step procedure to transport from developer to production

  1. Go to Se80
  2. Select the radio button for Program and give the program name in the input box
  3. Press display
  4. Now it will go to another screen, then place the cursor on program name and press Shift+F6 OR Click transport Button.
  5. Save the program in Existing request or Create a new request. After Saving the Program in Transport request and come out of the screen
  6. Go to se38, type the program name and activate it, press Control+F4
  7. it will go to next screen, showing all your transport request.
  8. Select your request and click on folder to expand it, after expanding it will show another request inside.
  9. Expand that request also and check your program exist or not,
  10. select the inner request and press Right click, it will show a list, plz select release
  11. it will go to another screen there press save button and press back button.
  12. now the color of the inner request is changed, and release the outer request, it will take some seconds . please wait..
  13. once this is over, please tell this outer request no. to basis guys and ask them to move quality or production server.