SAP CRM MiddleWare Tutorial, Tcodes and pdf guides

Here is a quick introduction and pdf tutorials about SAP CRM middleware. You can refer Sub components , Tcodes and PDF Tutorials.SAP CRM has an inbuilt tool called Middleware to enable communication and data transfer between SAP & non-SAP systems. It can control and monitor the data between these systems. For large SAP CRM implementations companies are appointing middleware specialist consultants to do the configurations and setup.

For using SAP CRM middleware tool, it doesn’t require new infrastructure or equipment’s like server, software etc. It already available with SAP CRM Software, we need to configure as per the requirement.

It using various adapters to establish connection between different systems like XML / Doc, SAP R/3 , Mobile clients, SAP BW, ASCII etc. We need to activate and configure these adapters as per our need.

Sub components of CRM middleware are

  • CRM-MW-ADP ( Middleware Adapter )
  • CRM-MW-SRV ( Flow / Services )
  • CRM-MW-ADM ( Administration Console )
  • CRM-MW-GEN ( Generation )
  • CRM-MW-MON ( Monitoring )
  • CRM-MW-ASC ( ASCII-Adapter )
  • CRM-MW-BDM ( BDOC Modeler )
  • CRM-MW-MMR ( Mobile Message Recovery )
  • CRM-MW-KGN ( Key Generation )
  • CRM-MW-SPM ( Support Package Manager )
  • CRM-MW-NAV ( Object Navigator )
  • CRM-MW-GWI ( Groupware Integration )

See the picture which shows SAP CRM architecture and middleware adapters.

sap crm middleware diagrom

Some of the important CRM middleware transaction codes are

How to convert BDoc messages into XML ?

We need to use tcode SMW3RBM for this

How to monitor the Middleware Message Flow

By using tcode SMWMFLOW

Which table stores Client monitoring fundamental details


Which tables stores the data of transaction definition for mobile sales


PDF Tutorials & guides about CRM Middleware