SAP COPA ( profitability analysis ) Tutorial, tables, tcodes & sample report

Some Basic Questions & Answers

What is SAP COPA?
SAP CO PA is a sub module coming under Financial controlling (CO) module in SAP. This module enables you to evaluate market segments to support internal accounting and decision-making.
What is the full form of COPA in SAP?
CO Stands for Controlling and PA stands for Profitability Analysis.
What are the two types of COPA?
There are mainly two types of COPA in SAP. They are Account based COPA and Costing based COPA.
Which method is used to calculate profits in SAP CO-PA?
Cost-of-sales method of accounting is used to calculate profits in COPA.
What are the different currency types supported by COPA in SAP?
Operating concern currency (code B0) and company code currency (code 10) are the two default types of currency codes supported by COPA.