SAP GTS ( Global Trade Services ) Tutorial and Training PDF

Advantages & Use of SAP GTS , Functionalities , PDF tutorials SAP Global Trade Services shortly known as SAP GTS is used for automate the international trades for a company. Large companies who trade with many countries and customers can use this feature to make their trades more fast and efficient and hassle free.  SAP […]

SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Tutorial

SAP Enterprise Performance Management , shortly known as SAP EPM is another product for analytics. This product is intended for monitoring the performance for making high profitability decisions for organizations. SAP EPM Features Generate financial reports Covering the full life cycle of financial management Generate managerial Reports Identifying the risk contain areas Consistent  Reports More Accurate […]

SAP Predictive analysis Tutorial

SAP Predictive Analytics is a tool working with HANA platform. It doing a predictive analysis job for identifying the company’s future perspective. Predictive analysis working with old data, and based on that data, it create useful data visualization reports with future predictions. Based on these reports, company can identify the hidden things and potentials and […]

SAP Fiori Tutorials

SAP Fiori is another initiative from SAP to provide a faster and responsive user interface. This initiative is intended for provide the user interface that supports in all devices like desktops , mobile phones and tabs etc. SAP Fiori contains a set of web apps ( currently it contain more than 300 ) which provides […]

SAP Lumira Tutorial

SAP Lumira is another initiative from SAP for data visualization and analysis. Advantages of SAP Lumira Use of SAP Lumira Its a stand alone software that can be downloaded from the SAP official website and can install in our desktop. It is not apart of any other SAP components like BusinessObjects. Its a completely independent […]

SAP BusinessObjects Tutorial – PDF Training Materials

SAP BusinessObjects is the main application coming under SAP Business Intelligence ( BI ). Previously it was a separate company and in 2007 it was acquired by SAP. Use of BusinessObjects Crystal Reports Vs Business Objects BusinessObjects PDF Tutorials Business Objects is the deployment platform for analyzing the data and creating reports based on that. […]

SAP Crystal Reports Application Tutorial

SAP Crystal Reports application provides the facility for generating and designing the reports that customers needs. This tutorial about SAP Crystal Reports contains Advantages of SAP Crystal Reports  Crystal Report Example Its graphical interface provides the features for formatting the report and selecting the data from wide range of sources. User can easily select the […]

SAP BI (business intelligence) Tutorial

BI in SAP stands for “business intelligence“. Previously it was known as “Business Information Warehouse” ( BIW ). It is one of the main component of SAP Netweaver technology. A company needs to play with their business data for more optimization & profitability & productivity. The tools contained in SAP BI provides the facility for Reporting […]