SAP CRM Pricing tutorial and Procedure

You can easily calculate the costing for vendors and customers using SAP CRM Pricing. What this feature does is help you calculate the business transaction costs that are related to product quotations, sales, and service orders. The flexibility of SAP CRM Pricing can be gauged by the fact that you can define various conditions that […]

SAP CRM – Web Channel tutorial

The purpose behind using SAP CRM Web Channel is to use the internet for increasing sales. It is also designed to provide convenience to business partners as well as satisfaction to customers. It is important to understand that a customer of today is empowered, well informed, and socially networked with the ability to interact with […]

Features of Sales Quotation and Order Management in SAP CRM

You can create and process a lot of sales processes through SAP CRM, including those that are related to sales order and sales quotations. Using sales quotations, for example, it is possible to have the business transactions mapped for the company, from the sales point of view. The sales quotation has the relevance of its […]

SAP CRM – General Data in Account Plans

It is possible to specify the fundamental information of your account plan using the general data. Requirements You need to define for planning periods by customizing for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This is done by choosing ‘General Settings’ under ‘Account Planning’ and then selecting ‘Define Planning Periods’. You can define the actions in CRM by […]

SAP CRM – Web UI Configuration and Application Enhancement Tools

A number of standard roles are defined in SAP CRM (like, sales professional), in addition to applications that are a part of these roles (like, account management). Practically, most companies hardly use the standard roles and majorly stick to major or minor enhancements. It is for this reason SAP CRM has been included with a […]

SAP CRM – WebClient UI introductory tutorial

SAP CRM WebClient software has been in huge demand of lately. While the old fashioned GUI was used for carrying out CRM activities in the past, they are now being carried out by Web UI. In fact, the administrative activities are now only being carried out by GUI. How to log in? In order to […]

SAP CRM – Business Transactions tutorial , Transaction codes

A number of business transactions can be carried out through SAP CRM that makes it possible to complete basic activities easily and quickly. Some of the commonly used business transactions in SAP CRM include – Quotation, Opportunity, Lead, Contract, Order, Complaint, Service Contract, and Service Request. What this means for a company is that they […]

Integrated Marketing Calendar in SAP CRM

The Integrated Marketing Calendar is basically an interactive tool wherein information from all corners gets collected. In fact, this is the SAP CRM tool wherein all planned and on-going marketing activities for a known time period can be tracked down effortlessly. Through this calendar, there is so much you can do, including displaying, changing, and […]

Interaction Center in SAP CRM

To make it easier handle all kinds of sales, marketing, and service related transactions across different communication channels, SAP CRM has been provided with an Interaction Center with all necessary tools. Therefore, if you are an agent, you can access all kinds of reporting, maintenance, and administration tools, thus making the Interaction Center more efficient. […]

SAP CRM Service Order Management introductory tutorial

Service Order Management is there in place in SAP CRM for facilitating the delivery of service parts to customers. For a defined service, you can always use service order quotation for quoting a price and this can later be transferred to service order for the customer’s approval. Date settings can be defined in Service Order […]

SAP CRM Service Contracts Introductory tutorial

Details about SAP CRM Service Contracts. The outline agreements that a business gets into with its partners is what constitutes Service Contracts. It is these contracts that define the type of services rendered to the party during the agreed period. For often than not, Service Contracts are established for long-term service agreements with business partners […]

SAP CRM Service Request Management introductory tutorial

Service requests in SAP CRM are employed largely to evaluate and measure all kinds of services provided, both within an organization and outside it. With CRM Service Request Management, it is possible to service customers in a better way. In fact, through this software, it is possible to approve, submit, dispatch, fulfill requests, and submit […]

SAP CRM Product Master introductory tutorial

The nature of business transactions, as well as the products involved in them, is vastly revealed through SAP CRM Product Master. It is here that you’ll come across all the details pertaining to the product, customer accounts, warranties, etc. The master data includes some of the key areas, including product, information that is exchanged between […]

SAP CRM Service Module Tutorial

There are various service cycles that are involved in managing day-to-day operations of an organization. Therefore, understanding how these cycles work and their components is important. This is where SAP CRM comes to the rescue. With the customers of today demanding more quality in terms of service, it is SAP CRM that can provide you […]

Campaign Management in SAP CRM

There are reasons why campaigns are undertaken by organizations, both large and small. After all, it is these campaigns that help propel their sales, create new chances for add-on sales, and improve the image of products and services. Campaign management in SAP CRM gives a new dimension to this effort of yours. In fact, in […]

Taxes in SAP CRM setup, Transaction Tax Engine configuration

When you decide to use SAP CRM to calculate taxes, there is a need for it to understand about the taxes that needs to be applied for different business partners, for different products or services, and at what specific rates. It doesn’t matter which tool you use for calculating the taxes – the condition technique […]

SAP CRM Marketing Tutorial , Benefits, Capabilities and Tcodes

Among the most important marketing goals of a company are – creating brand awareness, generating demand, and establishing long-term profitable relationships. It doesn’t matter what your marketing campaigns are, it all starts with analyzing market segments and then find out who your most valuable customers are. Typically, marketing campaigns include a lot of important activities […]

SAP CRM Activity Management tutorial and tcodes

Being an integral part of customer relationship management (CRM), activity management helps administer all the activities undertaken by employees in an organization. Therefore, any data saved becomes a source for important information that can be checked out by employees for further use. In a way, activity management in SAP CRM helps answer quite a few […]

Outline Agreements in SAP CRM

SAP CRM is an effective and easy to use software tool that enables customers of all sizes to release or sell services or products at conditions agreed upon previously. What is really good about Outline Agreements in SAP CRM is that you get to define conditions that will have an impact on the release of […]

SAP CRM Opportunity Management tutorial & Tcodes

A vital part of customer relationship management is opportunity management. It is through this important cog in SAP CRM that you’ll be able to control all sales process. What’s more, you’ll be able to use all the techniques available through opportunity management in CRM Mobile, the Interaction Center, and Partner Channel Management. From an enterprise […]

SAP CRM Sales Capabilities overview

There are a variety of innovative tools on offer through SAP CRM that can help sales managers as well as sales representatives to sell more! While the Sales Managers can always use these tools for reliable and accurate planning and forecasts, for Sales Representations it gives an opportunity to fathom how much could be sold […]

SAP CRM Architecture Overview introduction and diagram

There are different software layers in the framework architecture of SAP CRM. The thing with these software layers is that they are all separated from each other. The reason for this separation is to facilitate the connection of various business applications. In fact, these connections are made possible via generic interaction layer (genIL) and business […]

SAP CRM MiddleWare Tutorial, Tcodes and pdf guides

Here is a quick introduction and pdf tutorials about SAP CRM middleware. You can refer Sub components , Tcodes and PDF Tutorials.SAP CRM has an inbuilt tool called Middleware to enable communication and data transfer between SAP & non-SAP systems. It can control and monitor the data between these systems. For large SAP CRM implementations […]