SAP SAP Multiresource Scheduling in CA (CA-MRS) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP CA-MRS sub module is an application component stands for SAP Multiresource Scheduling in CA. It is coming under the CA module (Cross Application). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP CA-MRS module


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP SAP Multiresource Scheduling in CA application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. /MRSS/WFF0000002 → CA-MRS → SAP Multiresource Scheduling
  2. /MRSS/WFF0000003 → CA-MRS-CPR → MRS c-Projects Integration
  3. /MRSS/WFF0000004 → CA-MRS-CRM → MRS CRM Integration
  4. /MRSS/XFF0000002 → CA-MRS-ERP → ERP related topics

SAP CA-MRS (SAP Multiresource Scheduling in CA) TCODES

See the list oftransaction codes used with SAP CA-MRS sub module.

  1. /MRSS/64000015 → IMG Activity
  2. /MRSS/SRVA_MAINTAIN → Maintain Details of Service Area
  3. /MRSS/PARTS_R3 → Parts for Availability Check
  4. /MRSS/DELETE_DEMAND → Deletion of Demands and Assignments
  5. /MRSS/TEMPLATE_MAINT → Template Maintenance
  6. /MRSS/RESOURCE_STOCK → Resource stock
  7. /MRSS/GEN_WORK_SCHED → Generate Work Schedule
  8. /MRSS/92000279 → IMG Activity
  9. /MRSS/POT_CREATE → Pot Creation
  10. /MRSS/POT_MNT → Capacity Pot Maintenance
  11. /MRSS/POT_DELETE → Pot Delete
  12. /MRSS/RES_DET_MAINT → Resources and Spare Parts Details
  13. /MRSS/DELETE_RESOURC → Deletion of MRS Resources
  14. /MRSS/CR_DISP → Capacity Reserve Display
  15. /MRSS/WFCANC → RM Workflow Admin Cancel