SAP Open Information Warehouse in CA (CA-OIW) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP CA-OIW sub module is an application component stands for Open Information Warehouse in CA. It is coming under the CA module (Cross Application). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP CA-OIW module

SAP CA-OIW (Open Information Warehouse in CA) TCODES

See the list oftransaction codes used with SAP CA-OIW sub module.

  1. MCK4 → Change SAP OIW Hierarchy
  2. MCK5 → Display SAP OIW Hierarchy
  3. BW09 → BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP BW
  4. MCK8 → Display Customer OIW Hierarchy
  5. BW10 → BW20PI: Log. Gen. Hierarchy for BW
  6. MCK6 → Create Customer OIW Hierarchy
  7. MCK7 → Change Customer OIW Hierarchy
  8. S_ALR_87007783 → IMG Activity: OIW2
  9. S_ALR_87007785 → IMG Activity: OIW1
  10. BW07 → BW20PI: Gen. SET Hierarchies for BW
  11. S_ALR_87007781 → IMG Activity: OIW3
  12. MCK9 → Maintain Customer OIW Info Catalog
  13. MCKA → OIW Metadata
  14. S_ALR_87007779 → IMG Activity: OIW_SU03
  15. S_ALR_87007777 → IMG Activity: OIW_SU02