SAP European Monetary Union: Euro in CA (CA-EUR) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP CA-EUR sub module is an application component stands for European Monetary Union: Euro in CA. It is coming under the CA module (Cross Application). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP CA-EUR module


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP European Monetary Union: Euro in CA application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. HLB0100271 → CA-EUR → European Monetary Union: Euro
  2. HLB0100273 → CA-EUR-CNV → Local Currency Changeover
  3. B200000012 → CA-EUR-CUR → Currency Customizing and Handling for Euro
  4. HLB0100272 → CA-EUR-GEN → Additional Functions for the Euro

SAP CA-EUR (European Monetary Union: Euro in CA) TCODES

See some sample transaction codes used with SAP CA-EUR sub module. I have added Full list with details in another tutorial (see the link after this list).

  1. CNVA_00555_IMG → Runtime Estimation IMG
  2. CNVMBTTS → Define trouble shooting process
  3. CNV_10100_C_INTERVAL → Determine Set Intervals
  4. CNVMBTACTDEF → MBT PCL Activity maintenance
  5. CNVMBTINCL → Includes for migration
  6. CNV_20310_LIST_AFT → Cost Center Docu AFTER Conversion
  7. CNV_20305_ADJUST_CNV → Adjust conversion settings (CoAr-dep
  8. CNVMBTSTOVW → State management overview
  9. CNV_20325_MAINTAIN → Enter Mapping for Conversion Package
  10. CNV_20310_TX_KOSTL → Mapping Descr. for Cost Centers
  11. CNVMBTCHECK → PCL Checks
  12. CNVMBTCOBJ → Conversion objects
  13. CNVMBTFIELDS → fields / conversion rules
  14. CNVMBTUISWITCH → Change User Interface Design
  15. CNV_10100_C_OLD_SET → Check old set data tables
  16. View full list of SAP CA-EUR tcodes with details