SAP WebClient UI in CA (CA-WUI) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 76 transaction codes used with SAP CA-WUI component (SAP WebClient UI in CA) coming under SAP CA Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP CA-WUI tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Customer Design Objects

Customer Reference Design Objects

SAP Design Obj. (per Obj. Type,mass)

SAP Ref. Design Obj.(Obj. Type,mass)

SAP Design Objects

Copy SAP Design Objects

SAP Design Obj. (per Obj. Type)

Copy SAP Reference Design Objects

SAP Ref. Design Objects

SAP Ref. Design Obj.(Obj. Type)

SAP Generic UI Object Types

Design Object maint. (for SAP KM)

UI Component Workbench

BSP WD Component Workbench

BSP WD Component Workbench

IC WebClient Workbench




Structure generation for search


CRM ES Modeling Workbench

Web Service Consumption Tool

Start CRM WebClient

Start CRM WebClient (Debug mode)

IC Runtime Framework Customizing

CRM THTMLB Skin Workbench

Configure Transaction Launcher

Define BI Reports for CRM UI

Activitiy Clipboard

Component definitions

Define Role Config Keys

Define data context parameters

CRM UI Application Context Layout

Define navigation components

Define NavBar Profile

Define Object Mapping

Define Paramters

Define Function Profiles

Define Business Roles

Technical Profile Definition

Define Work Area Components

Show generation logs

Web Service Tool Monitoring

CRMWST: Transport Service Objects

Define Object Mapping

Define Technical Links

Generate Enterprise Portal Navb. XML

Browser for Business Object Layer

Model Browser for genIL Applications

Editor for Genil Models

Launch SAPGUI with given BOR params

Delete CRM Web Client UI Personaliza

Start a BSP Application

Maintain Action Providers

Maintain Action Providers

Upgrade Tool Central Check

Upgrade Tool Result List

Copy CDS attributes from SAP

Central Data Source Maintenance

CSS Code Cleanup

UI Framework IMG

WebClient UI: Field Label Analysis

Edit settings for Favorites

Web Service Consumption Tool

Maintain SAP icons

Maintain Fields for Mixed List

Define Message Field mappings

Comparison of Runtime Repositories

Edit settings for Tag Clouds

Central Data Source Maintenance

Define Message Field mappings

Start the WebClient UI

Start the WebClient UI (Debug mode)

Start the WebClient UI

Start WebClient UI (SSO & Dbg Mode)