SAP Master Data Governance in CA (CA-MDG) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 136 transaction codes used with SAP CA-MDG component (SAP Master Data Governance in CA) coming under SAP CA Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP CA-MDG tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Context According for Global Context

Incident Observation

Check DRF Customizing

Define Filter Criteria

Cust. Data Replication Framework

Analyze Replication Log

Delete Replication Log

Execute Data Replication

Display Object Replication Status

Delete Replication Status

Subscribe Objects for Replication

Convert Master Data

Master Data Export

Data Transfer Customizing

Master Data Import

Data Transfer Monitor

Activate Explosion Profile

Check Object Relationships

Application-specific enhancements

Inverse Relationship

FOX – Object Relationships

FOX – Object Types

Object Data in FOX

FOX Explosion Profiles

Explosion Scenarios

FOX – Validity Identifiers

FOX: Area Menu

FOX: Test for Foreign Key Objects

FOX: Read a Request

Number Range Maintenance: FOX_REQ

FOX: Test Explosion

Key Mapping Customizing

Adjust Key Mapping after Client Copy

Search Key Mapping

MDG – Display Contact Person (Relat)

MDG – Display Contact Person (Relat)

BC-Set with Outbound Customizing

BC-Set with Fieldmod.crit. import.

Reduce BP Model to EHP6 Delivery

BC Set with Workflow-Depend. Checks

BC Set w. CR Types f. Cust. Like UI

BC-Set with Fieldmod.crit. import.

Import BC Set with CR types

Import BC Set with CR types

MDGC: CVI Settings

Import BC Set with CR types

Import BC Set with Governance Scope

BC-Set with Fieldmod.crit. import.

Import BC Set with CR types

Import BC Set with CR types

Import BC Set with CR types

MDGS: CVI Settings

BC Set with CR Types for Vendor UI

BC Set with CR Types for Vendor UI

BC Set with CR Types for Vendor UI

MDG Data Model: Generated Tables

MDG Data Transfer: Upload / Download

Delete Change Requests

Delete Active Version of a Model

Display Data Model

Define Object Types for Data Load

Create/Chg. ES Template for Staging

Import predefined CR and entity type

Display of Generated Objects

DDIC Generator: Development Menu

Local Settings of DDIC Generator

Display of Generation Log

Display of Generation Log

Settings of DDIC Generator

Activate Generator Trace

Import Self Service custom. template

Maintain Key Mapping

Maintain Application

Delete Buffered Field Information

Rename Field Name

Generate Application Area

Display of Generated Objects

Define Generic Types

Hierarchy: Display SID

Local Role Maintenance

Local Role Maintenance (Hierarchies)

Role Maintenance (External Hiers)

Role Maintenance

Setting of Parameters

Master Data: Settings

Analyze Application Log

Number range for temporary BP number

Number range for temporary BP number

Change settings of generated tables

Catalog of Transport Objects

Attributes of Transport Objects

Local Attributes

Copy Transaction Data

Client Copy – Postprocessing Log

Client Copy – Protection

Client Copy – Administration

Client Copy – Object Status

Destination for Transport Methods

Transport Container Display

Postprocessing of Client Copy

Transport Tool: Development

Display of Logs of Transport Tool

Transport Container Reorganization

Obsolete Transport Objects

Copy a Transport Request

Prepare Delivery

RFC Connection Wizard

Delete Change Pointer

Configuration Workbench

Master Data Governance Customizing

Invalidate Metadata

Data Model Mapping

Delete mapping data for descriptions

Assign Processor to Workflow Step No

Maintain Outbound Interface Models

Customizing Activity

Customizing Activity

IMG Activity

Screenplay Director

Create Service Request (ISS)

Settings of Application

Administration of Transport Requests

Display Active Data Model

Maintain Master Data Packages

Define Replication Services

Assign Systems to MD Packages

Task Customizing

Validations and Derivations

Process Definition of RBWF

Display Financial MDM Test Catalog

Transport Data Transfer Variants

Edit UI Configuration

Maintain Processor Assignment CR Pro

Value Mapping Customizing