SAP Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting in CA (CA-JVA) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 523 transaction codes used with SAP CA-JVA component (SAP Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting in CA) coming under SAP CA Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP CA-JVA tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

JVA master data profile

IMG activity: /SAPPCE/ORG_01

IMG activity: /SAPPCE/ORG_02

Equity Change Management (Actual)

Equity Change Management (Planned)

Edit Joint Venture Partners

Change Joint Venture

Create Joint Venture

Display Joint Venture

Debit-Side Open Items

G/L Account Open Items

Credit-Side Open Posts

Call Demo Report

Create Enterprise Structure

Change Enterprise Structure

Display Enterprise Structure

Check Enterprise Structure

Create and Change CPR via Org. Unit

Display CPR via Organizational Unit

Remaining Plan via Org. Unit

Display JVA and JV-Billing totals

JVA and JV-Billing items

JV cost centers in suspense

Display JV cost centers in suspense

JV orders in suspense

Display JV orders in suspense

Ventures in suspense

Display Ventures in suspense

Net Cash Call to Equity Group

JV Gross Cash Call To Equit Group

JV Net Cash Call To Project

JV Gross Cash Call To Project

JV Non-operated cash call to eq grp

JV Non-Operated Cash Call to Project

Joint Venture detailed information

Non-Operated Billing by Operator V.2

Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2

Yearly balance shifting

Joint Venture master data catalog

Billing Ledger Extract

Joint Venture Ledger Extract

Hard Copy Billing

Billing Schedule Manager

EDI Billing

Suspense Project / Equity Group

Partner Suspense Clearing

Equity Adjustments

Venture Bank Account Switching

Recovery indicator

Internal recovery indicator

Change JV partners

Venture classes

Cutback rules / accounts

Cutback rules / accounts

Cutback rules / cost centers

Cutback rules / cost centers

Cutback rules / projects

Display JV partners

Maintain JV partners

Cutback / project intercompany code

Cutback tables / orders

Cutback rules / orders

Equity types

JV project in suspense

Bank accounts

Funding groups

Funding group assignment

JV Billing indicator

Display JV project in suspense

Cutback rules / intercompany assets

Cutback rule: Networks

Cutback – Intercompany networks

Reconsile Intercompany Mapping

Accounts for supplemental billing

JV Projects for supplemental billing

JV Material Batch-Cond code x-ref

Net profit interest groups

JVA functions / function item types

Billing methods

Billing method posting rules

Periodic updates for company code

Periodic updates for company code

JV Posting rule detail customizing

Bank accounts for cash call print

Non-operated billing forms

Non-operated billing form lines

JOA detailed information

JV valuation area

Accounts for exchange differences

JIB/JIBE classes

JIB/JIBE subclasses

JV Conditional code

EDI Outbound Base Configuration

JV Clearing billing indicator

JV Bi.Meth./CompCd. assignment

JV Project types

JV Cost center types

JV Order types

JIB master data

JIB account mapping

JIB class/account mapping

JIB class/subclass/account mapping


JOA classes

Special cost elements

Stepped rate rules

JV stepped rate thresholds

Partner process groups

Drilling statistical ratios

Producing statistical ratios

JIB account mapping for AFE

JV Billing structure

Create BTCI Sessions for Cash Calls

JV Automatic posting

JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)

JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs)

Customize report selection

Display summary ledger totals

Display billing ledger totals

Automatic Adjust of Overhead Rates

JV Realized exchange differences

JV Unrealized exchange

JV Goods receipt expense orders

JV Goods receipt inventory orders

International Cost Calculations

North American Overhead Calculations

Payroll Burden Clearing

Compare FI with JV document

JV Document Comparison

North America Overhead Detail Report

EDI mapping

Create joint operating agreement

Change joint operating agreement

Display joint operating agreement

JOA master data catalog

Display changes for Joint Op. Agreem

JV JOA screen

JOA Master Transaction

Activate JVA in a Client

BI for supplemental detail

Account for supplemental detail

Project type for supplemental detail

Cost center type for suppl. detail

Order type for supplemental detail

SDS protocol

Balance sheet accounts for splitting

GJ BAPI parameter mapping

Billing reconciliation

Assign substitution to JV company

Billing threshold check

Assign Validation to JV Company

Activate company in JV

Deactivate company in JV

Housebank switching

JV Cutback Program

Cutback Reversal

Copy configuration from company code

Carried interest groups

Change message control for JVA

Convenience netting

JV settlement manipulation rules

Cutback Ledger Update

JV Customizing

Delete JOA


Delete Joint Venture Data

EDI invoice service codes

JV Customize EDI Suppl Seg Drivers

JV Customize EDI Segment Components

EDI JIBE condition codes

JV EDI Communications Code

JV EDI Bill Ind to Svc Code mapping

JV EDI Outbound: Company Config.

JV EDI Terms of Payment

JV EDI Contact Function Codes

EDI inbound: company configuration

JV EDI Outbound: Control Processed

Pre-Cutback Equity_Change Management

JV EDI Inbound: Sender’s JIBE No

JV EDI Inbound: Property Table

EDI inbound: withhold code

EDI inbound: mapping qualifier

JV EDI Inbound: Cost Object Mapping

JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref

JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref+Class

JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref+Class+Sub

JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Class

JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Class+Sub

JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE

EDI inbound: 819 account mapping

EDI inbound: 819 acc class mapping

EDI inbound: 819 acc class+sub

JV EDI Inbound: 810 CO Mapping

JV EDI Inbound: 810 CO Service Code

EDI inbound: 810 account mapping

Process history

EDI inbound: Receiver’s JIBE/PASC no

JV mapping: Material – Service code

JIB/JIBE Tubular Sub-Accounts

JIB/JIBE Non-Tubular Sub-Accounts

Create JV assessment cycle – actual

Change JV assessment cycle – actual

Display JV assessment cycle – actual

Delete JV assessment cycle – actual

Execute JV assessment – actual

Overview JV assessment

Create JV assessment cycle – plan

Change JV assessment cycle – plan

Display JV assessment cycle – plan

Print Allocation Information

view maintenance FARM

Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback

Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback

FarmIn/Out Cash Call redetermination

FarmIn/Out Cash Call correction

Execute JV assessment – plan

Create JV distribution cycle -actual

Change JV distribution cycle -actual

Display JV distribution cycle-actual

Delete JV distribution cycle -actual

Execute JV distribution – actual

Overview distribution – actual

Create JV distribution cycle -plan

Change JV distribution cycle – plan

Display JV distribution cycle-plan

Display JOA graphically

Document Entry for Local Ledgers

General Ledger Integration

Driver transaction for customizing

Document Entry for Local Ledgers

Graphical Navigation JVA

Install JV standard reports

Generate JADE audit file

Billing extracts

JADE file description

JV Load Balancing

Joint venture event maintenance

C JVA Change Ledger

C JVA Display Ledger

Plan Data Transfer by Documents

Company code (global data)

Load Balancing Distribution

Summary ledger line items

Billing ledger line items

Line item report list variants

Mark Prepaid Inventory

Display Prepaid Inventory

Non open item unreal. exchange diff.

JV Number range customizing

Open line items for cost objects

JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)

Partner regional addresses

Penalty categories

Determine CRP pricing procedure

Display Documents for re-posting

Partner Netting

Payment term schema

Conditions: Procedure for A CR

Condition Types: SD Pricing

Maintain Access (Sales Price)

V-T681F: Index Field Catalog

Create Conditions (CRP)

Change Conditions (CRP)

Display Conditions (CRP)

Create Conditions (Purchasing)

Maintain Recover Ind determination

Change Condition Table (CRP)

Change Condition Table (CRP)

Summary Ledger Reporting

Billing Ledger Reporting

JV EDI Inbound: IDOC Status Report

EDI: Invoice and Operating Statement

JV EDI Inbound: Unusual Expenditure

JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE Projects

JV EDI Inbnd: Expenditure Comparison

810/819 Mapping Report

810/819 Property Error

Cash Call Reclass

Cash Call Reclassification

JV Recovery indicator determination

Gross bill./all by venture/account

Gross billable / all by cost object

Gross bill/partner net by cost obj.

Gross bill./all by cost obj. F.Curr

Gross billable/partner net for JIB

Remaining cutback by cost object

Posted suspense overview

Gross non-operated by cost object

Venture/EG/Billing indicator

Partner/Billing indicator

Cost centers: overview actuals

Internal orders: overview actuals

WBS elements: overview actuals

Cost centers: actual/plan gross/net

Int. orders: actual/plan gross/net

WBS elements: actual/plan gross/net

Configure report selection

Overhead burden rate type

Create account set

Change account set

Display account set

Call set maintenance

Reverse AM/MM Transfer document

JV Transfer Asset to Asset

JV Transfer Asset to Project/Order

JV Transfer Asset to Asset

JV Transfer Asset to Asset

JV Transfer Asset to Asset

Retirement of Venture Owned Assets

JV Transfer Asset to Asset

Sale of Venture owned assets

JV Transfer Asset to Asset

Transfer Proj./Order to Proj./Order

JV Transfer Asset to Asset

Transfer Project/Order to Asset

Depreciation area update by RI

Transaction Type Subst. for Cutback

Transaction types per line

Equity change asset transact. types

Fields to be copied to new assets

Maintain TransTypeGroup JV Prop.

C FI Month End Advance Tax Return

Maintain Field Transfers rules for

Customizing groups

Customizing group definition

Processes for authorization

Create Joint Venture Master

Change Joint Venture Master

Display Joint Venture Master

Display Change Documents JV-Master

Advance Tax Report

JV Billing formats

Joint Venture Deletion

List Venture / Equity Groups

Bank Acct Switch – Maintain Data

Bank Acct Switch – Create Data

JV layout sets

JV Supplemental detail

Joint Venture Master Transaction

Create JV-Pricing archive

Delete archived JV-Pricing Data

JV-Pricing Archive-Administration

Conditions: Procedure for A CR

Condition Types: SD Pricing

Maintain Access (Sales Price)

V-T681F: Index Field Catalog

Maintenance text for table T8J156S

Maintenance text for table T8J156X

JV cross company reconciliation

Create JV bank account archive

Delete archived JV bank account data

Reload JV bank account data

JV bank archive administration

Create JV-Cutback archive

Create JVA event

Delete archived JV event data

Reload archived JVA event data

JVA event archive administration

Delete archived JV-Cutback Data

Reload JV-Cutback Archives

JV-Cutback Archive-Administration

Reporting on JVA-Archives

RW/RP Reports for JVA-Archives

Create JV-Billing archive

Delete archived JV-Billing Data

Reload JV-Billing Archives

JV-Billing Archive-Administration

Reporting on Billing-Archives

RW/RP Reports for Billing-Archives

Company code (global data)

Company code (corporate information)

Company code (detailed data)

Joint Venture Test Tool

IAA Enter Other Periods

JV-Transfer Postings

Activate PSA

Activate Rollup for PSC

PSA Authorities

Configuration screens for production

Volume Conversion Factors

Calculation Types

Display profile for PSC documents

PSA Source Company Code Assignment

PSA Currency & Exchange Rate Types

Adjustment Reasons

PSC Master data

PSA Product Master

PSC Ships

PSA Group

PSC Calculation Scheme and Detail

PSA Ship Codes

PSA Oil Types

PSA Terminal Codes

PSA Version Mainenance

PSA Lifting Group Master

Venture Assignment to PSC

Source Assignment to Product

Source Assignment to Calc Type

PSA Product Assignment

Calculation Scheme Assignment

PSC Assignment to Terminal

PSA Lift Group to Partner Assignment

Populate Cost Plans

Planned Volume Data Entry

Copy Plan Versions

Entitlement Plan Calculation

Entitlement Plan Calc. Reversal

Acutal Rollup to PSC tables

Volume Data Entry

PSC Calculation Actual

PSC Calculation Reversal

Manual Transfers

Manual Transfers Reversal

Entitlement Transfers

Entitlement Transfers Reversal

Cost Adjustments

Cost Adjustments Reversal

Stock Adjustments

Stock Adjustments Reversal

Balance Carry Forward

JV Partner Entitlement

Statement of Storage Entitlement

Statement of Storage Entitlement/Upd

PSC Master Data

Production Data with Adjustments

Lifting Data with Prices

Flat Prices

Adjustment Volumes

Partner Report

PSA Print Entitlement

Volumes by Volume Types

Maintain Price by Terminal

Maintain Daily Prices by PSC

Maintain Production Data

Daily Lifting Data Entry

Maintain Adjustment Data

PSA Open Periods

Open PSC Periods

Maintain Lifting Data by Terminal

Maintain Weighted Aver Price Period

Manual AL Weighted Average Price

PSC Production Interface

Arms/Non-arms Length

PSA Malaysia Production Interface

PSA PI Malaysia – COEP %

PSA Split Lifting by PSC

Lifting by Terminal (CoCd indep.)

PSA Document Number

PSA document display

PSC Conversion Factor Transaction

PSC Master data

PSC product

PSC calculation type

PSC group

Calculation scheme

Calculation scheme detail

Test transaction

Production information

PSC source assignment

PSC product assignment

PSC calculation type assignment

PSC Venture Assignment

PSC Source Assignment

PSC Source Master

PSC Source Assignment to Product

PSC Source Assignment to Calc Type

PSC Source group Ledger Assignments

PSC Calc Type Category

PSC Calc Scheme and Detail

Display profile for PSC documents

Rule Maintenance

PSC Volume Entry

PSC Volume Entry

PSC Ships

PSC Oil Type

PSC Production Interface

PSC Period Opening

PSC Periods

PSC calculation

PSC calculation reversal

PSC document display

psc report

PSC Rollup

Activate Rollup for PSC

PSC Transfer Calculation

PSC Transfer Funds Reversal

Check consistency of intercompany ma

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0021

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0020

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0019

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0018

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0017

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0016

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0015

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0014

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0013

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0022

IMG activity: SIMG_BIL_0002

IMG activity: SIMG_BIL_0001

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0029

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0028

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0027

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0026

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0025

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0024

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0023

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0011E

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0011F

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0011G

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0010

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_009A

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0009

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0008

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0030

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0007

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0011B

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0012

IMG activity: SIMG_PRO_0011L