SAP Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications in CA (CA-EPT) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 82 transaction codes used with SAP CA-EPT component (SAP Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications in CA) coming under SAP CA Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP CA-EPT tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Perform Authorization Check

Where-Used List of User Group in ACL

Perform Consistency Check

Delete Personalization and User Data

Delete Snapshots

Define Groupings for BCV Objects

Business Context Viewer Customizing

Define Meanings

Data migration from PCV to BCV

Maintain Query Cache

Delete query cache

Maintain Query Dispatcher Settings

Display BCV Query Statistics

Define BCV Queries

Define Search Connectors

Define Snapshot Parameter

Display Search Connector Statistics

Test BCV Query

Search Connector Test

Define Dashboards

Define Query View Hierarchies

Define Printing Parameters

Define Overviews

Define Query Views

Display all nav settings parameter

Start Chart Designer

Operational InfoProvider

BIA for Classic InfoSets

BS Period Toolset – Customizing

BS Period Toolset – Setup

Call Activation Screen

Manage BI Content Activation

Transaction for Mass ID Mapping

CSI: Instance Log Display

CSI: Profile Administration

Cloud Provider Account

GENIOS: Log Display

GENIOS: Parameter Customizing

GENIOS: Solver customizing

Activate/Deactivate Process Logging

Task Creation Time Limit

BI Activation for Process Logging

Maintain BOR Instrumentation

Report to cross chk master reqistry.

Check the Setup for Process Logging

Customizing Process Observer

Maintain Process Definition

Delete Process Logs

Display Business Object using OBN

Display POC Document Flow

Display DRB Relationships

POC Extraktor Test

Maintain Facade Layer

Ex. usage process access API class

Federation Data Display

BP simulation for federation test

Schedule BOR Event Processing

Process Log Extraction as MXML

Process Log Mass Delete

Set Master Registry for Process Log

Maintain Process Definition

POC: Check Process Definitions

Process Monitor – SAP GUI

Process Monitor – SAP GUI For GOS

Process Monitor(Process ID)

Deactivate Process Defn Auth Checks

ODP Activation for Process Logging

Parameter Setting

Simulate Mass Data for Activity Log

Data simulation for simple PROC test

Display POC Tasks

Display POC Unassigned tasks

Activate/Deactivate Process Tracing

Updating the BOR Event table

Update Master Reqistry

Process Viewer – SAP GUI

UI for Write API

Log Business Activity for a Send PO

Schedule Logging for Send Pur.Order

Simulate Procure to Pay Scenario

IMG Activity

IMG Activity