SAP Warehouse Management in BW (BW-WHM) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 184 transaction codes used with SAP BW-WHM component (SAP Warehouse Management in BW) coming under SAP BW Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BW-WHM tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Frequent upload from source systems

for admin cock pit sanity check tool

CCMS Monitor for BW

Call Change Run Monitor

List viewer for InfoCubes

Show InfoCube schema

Create Currency Translation Type

Edit Currency Conversion Type

Display Currency Translation Type

Transport Browser for BI Objects

Overview of master data locks

Settings for SAP HANA Views

Old SM50

Modeling – DW Workbench

DW Workbench: InfoProvider Tree

DW Workbench: InfoSource Tree

DW Workbench: Source System Tree

BW Workbench: InfoObject Tree

DW Workbench: DataSource Tree

DW Workbench: Favorites Tree

DW Workbench: General Search

DW Workbench: Open Hub Destination

DW Workbench: Data Flows

GM Demo in AWB: Test Purposes Only

BW Administrator Workbench. OBSOLETE

DW Workbench: Planning Sequences

RSADMIN maintenance

BW Archive Administration

Schedule Assistant in Background

Attribute/Hierarchy Realignment Run

DW Workbench (Last View)

Delete user settings of the AWB

Data Marts Generation Center


Open Hub Monitor

Open Hub Maintenance

Open Hub Maintenance

Open Hub Maintenance

Open Hub Maintenance

Auth. – Check Open Hub Extraction

Create Warehouse User

Editing an Open Hub Destination

Release Clients for ETL Tools

CATT Admin. Workbench

Data Flow Copy Processes

BW Monitor (Near)-Real-Time Loading

Characteristic Maintenance

Maintenance of key figures

Maintenance of units

Maintenance of time characteristics

Internal: Edit Technical Characters

Set Up Near-Line Connections

Edit Data Archiving Process

DB connect

Start: InfoCube editing

Start: InfoCube editing

Start: InfoCube editing

Edit Data Flows

Data Flow Generation Wizard

SAP HANA Analysis Process Designer

SAP HANA Analysis Process Monitor

SAP HANA Transformation

Initial Screen: Edit HybridProvider

Initial Screen: Edit HybridProvider

Initial Screen: Edit HybridProvider

Start: InfoObject catalog editing

Start: InfoObject catalog editing

Start: InfoObject catalog editing

Maintain InfoProvider Properties

DB Connect – Test Program

Master Data Maintenance w.Prev. Sel.

Master Data Test

Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.

Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.

Initial Screen: ODS Object Processng

Initial Screen: ODS Proces. (Deliv.)


DataSource Documentation

Find InfoObjects for DataSource

Administration of the Data Targets

DTP Maintenance

Old editor

Display of Lock Log

Start of Object Maintenance

Edit hierarchy initial screen

Simulate hierarchies

HDB Monitoring

Hierarchy maintenance w/o AdmWB

Simulate hierarchies

Maintain/Change InfoCubes (Internal)

Load Exchange Rates from File

Inspection Plan

Maintain InfoSets


Aktivation of BAdI SPOs

Job List with Program Variant

Conversn to Consistent Intern. Vals

Activate Conversion Routine

Migration Project

Conversion to In-Memory Optimized

Data Load Monitor Start

Administration – DW Workbench

Traffic light color in the Monitor

Generic Monitor

Mail Addresses for Monitor Assistant

Metadata Remodelling Toolbox

Test Network Plan Control

SAP intenal: Test Netw. Plan Control

DataStore (ADSO) Support

SOBI Design Time (DataSource)

Maintenance of Conversion Objects

BW Communication Client

Administration of a Content System

Copy from TLOGO Objects

Metadata Search Administration

Document Administration

Migration of Documen. into Portal KM

DataStore-Specific Breakpoints

Management of Native Locks (HDB)

Runtime Measurements

Maintenance of Runtime Param. DS Obj

Parameter maintenance for DataStores

Logs for DataStore Object

SQL Statements for MPP DataStores

Open ODS View

CompositeProvider(HCPR) Support

BW Metadata Repository

BI Business Content Transfer

BW Metadata Repository

Configure BI Business Functions

BI Switch Overview

BW Search on SAP HANA Maintenance

Obj maint. for ES backend navigation

BI Metadata Search

Process Chain Maintenance

Process Chain Display

Process Chain Maintenance

Process Chain via Process

Monitor daily process chains

Web monitor process chains

Process Log

Restart Process Chain Run

SOBI Design Time (ESI Business Obj.)

Maintain Src System Pattern Assignm.

Maintain InfoSets

SAP Query: Role Administration

Real-Time Data Acquisition Monitor

BW Administrator Workbench

Req. Archive Administration Dialog

Monitor: Reduction of Request Lists

Data Load Monitor for a Request

Analysis and Repair of BW Objects

Access for scheduler

Selection start InfoCube

Maint. Callback Destinations in MDF

Starting the monitor in parall.proc.

Old Short-Dump Overview

Importance of BW Object

Technical BW Content

Installation of BI AC Content

Display object or process maintenanc

Xcelsius Dashboard of AdminCockpit

Create Destination for After-Import


Update rules overview

Create update rules

Create update rules

Create Update Rules

Change update rules

Change update rules

Change Update Rules

Display update rules

Display update rules

Display Update Rules

Delete update rules

Delete update rules

Delete update rules

Remote AWB Staging

Deletion of Selected Packages

Check consistency request

Maintain InfoSource

Source System Tool

Old sm12


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