SAP Planning in BW (BW-PLA) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 58 transaction codes used with SAP BW-PLA component (SAP Planning in BW) coming under SAP BW Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BW-PLA tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Business Planning

Excel Interface Builder

Reminder Report STS

BPS Single Record Statistics

BPS Single Record Status Evaluation

Start STS Execution

Maintain Status and Tracking System

Trace for API in SEM-BPS

Transport Planning Customizing

Web Interface Builder

Start Web Interfaces

Start Web Interface

BPC Parameters

BPC Upload Fles

Service Designer

Modeling BI Integrated Planning

Start: Function Type Editing

BI Planning: Starter Settings

BI Planning: Lock Management

Query Definition

Transaction for Task WS40100005

Customizing for Merchandise Planning

Edit Assortment Planning Folders

Transport Retail Settings

Activation of Budget Type

Transfer of Budget Type

Create Transport Order Budget Type

Reorganization of old values

Reorganization of old budget types

Budget Monitor

Define Messagetypes

Define OTB Level

Release Workbench

Retail Purchasing Plan Settings

Define select options

Assortment Planning UI Customizing

Execute Assortment Planning in Excel

BW Installation

Customizing for Merchandise Planning

Execute Merchandise Planning Folder

Process Merchandise Planning Folder

Execute Generic Planning Folder

Edit Generic Planning Folder

Display Generic Planning Folders

Direct Start of Generic Folders

Select Planning Area

Edit Sales Planning Folders

Settings for Planning Services

Settings for Planning Services

Execute Planning

Execute Service Planning

Settings for Planning Services

UPX: Data Sources Maintenance

Execute Planning with Excel

Planning Folder Administrator PSM

Planning Folder for Bdgt Dprtmnt PSM

PSM Planning Folder

PSM Manager of Planning Folder

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