SAP Business Explorer in BW (BW-BEX) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 163 transaction codes used with SAP BW-BEX component (SAP Business Explorer in BW) coming under SAP BW Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BW-BEX tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Administer Crystal Report Content

Delete from the fact table

Easy Query Manager

Display for EQ Result Set Preview

bgRFC Monitor with Inbound Queue

Start of Crystal Report Designer

MDX Test Panel

MDX Test Panel

Communictn with Data Mining Software

Check Query

Available queries

Launch Analysis Office Excel WB

Launch Analysis Office PowerPnt Pres

Scheduler Test Call

Upload Screens from BEx Browser

Start the Business Explorer Analyzer

Initial Trans. for Excel wth Params

Initial Trans. for Excel wth Params

Fill Bucket

Maintaining BW Sender-Receiver

Transaction for the RRI in the Web

Business Explorer Browser

BICS InA Basic Testtool

BW Browser

Fill Bucket

Maint. of Publishing Variables CR/CE

Maint. of URL Variables for CR/CE

Maintain BW Settings

ODS Settings

BW Customizing – View 1

BW Customizing – View 10

BW Customizing – View 11

Microsoft Analysis Services

RRI Settings for Web Reporting

OLAP: Cache Parameters

BW Customizing – View 11

BW Reporting

Settings: Currency Translation

DB Connect Settings

InfoSet Settings

BW Customizing – View 2

BW Customizing – View 21

BW Customizing – View 21

Quantity Conversion: Buffer Setting

Database Interface/Performance

Database Interface/Perf. (ORA)

Set Standard Web Templates

Determine Settings for Web Templates

Settings for Web Template

BW Customizing – View 3

Load Distribution for Analys. Proc.

RFC Destination for BI Model Gen.

Hide Old DWB Functions

FAE Threshold Value for SID Service

Async. Deletion form Write-Opt. DSOs

BW Customizing – View 4

BW Customizing – View 5

BW Customizing – View 6

BW Customizing – View 7

BW Customizing – View 8

BW Customizing – View 9

Browser for Data Access Services

Maintenance of Aggregate Check

SAP HANA/BWA Index Maintenance

BW Accelerator Maintenance Monitor

BW Accelerator Maintenance Monitor

BW Accelerator Maintenance Monitor

Maintain the BW Statistics Settings

Customizing of selection statistics

Start Explorer Maintenance

Maintaining Aggregates/BIA Index

Publish SAP HANA Model

Administration of Analytic Indexes

Publish a TREX Cube Index

Creates a MOLAP Database in MSAS

MOLAP DataSource creation

Create MOLAP Rfc Tests

Validity Slice Maintenance

Manage Analysis Authorizations

Maintenance of Analysis Auth.

Mass Maintenance – Analysis Auths

Assignment Environment Authorization

Maintenance of Analysis Auth.

Mass Maintenance – Analysis Auths

Analytic Engine – Demo Content

Flat MDX

Manual Data Entry

BW Lean Modeler Test UI

BW Lean Modeler Test UI

Variables Screen for Var. Selection

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 1

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 2

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 3

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 4

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 5

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 6

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 7

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 8

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 9

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 10

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 11

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 12

NetWeaver Customizing – Step 13

BW Excel Workbook Precalc Admin

Precalculation Server Administration

QSI Maintenance

Starts a Reporting Agent Job

Reporting Agent Monitor

Manages Page Store

OLAP: Cache Monitor

Catt transaction for trace tool

Broadcasting Administration

Broadcaster Application Log

Restart Broadcasting for Log Number

Administration Broadcasting to RLP

Start Broadcaster for Test Purposes

Test Producer/Converter/Distributor

Maintain Virtual Time Hierarchies

Start of the report monitor

Start of the Report Monitor

Start of the Report Monitor

Analyzer Test Transaction

Set trace configuration

Trace tool configuration

Basic Configuration Operational BI

Display TransientProvider Preview


Administration of BW Workbooks

DB Connect

Authorizations for Reporting

Start Query with User

Reporting Log Authorization

Maintenance THJT

RS Trace Tool Monitor

User Maint. BI Analysis Auth.

Execution as Other User

Execution as Other User


Workspace Individual Processing

Workspace Mass Processing

Copying Queries between InfoCubes

Deletion of query objects


Get Test Component


Hierarchical Display of CKF/RKF

Call up of view V_RSZGLOBV

Set frontend version

Deletion of Query Views

Initialization of the BW Front End

BW Workspace Local Data

Activation of BEx Personalization

Activate BEx Open Pers.

Deactivate Pers. for BEx Open

Activate Variable Pers.

Deactivate Pers. for Variables

Activate Web Template Pers.

Deactivate Pers. for Web Templates

Activate Selection Statistics

Split And Merge Monitor

Mass maintainace DAP

Scheduler Test Call

IMG Activity: BW_AUTH

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