SAP Business Content and Extractors in BW (BW-BCT) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 153 transaction codes used with SAP BW-BCT component (SAP Business Content and Extractors in BW) coming under SAP BW Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BW-BCT tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Assortment Definition

Edit Event Occurrence

Definition of Event Dimensions

Definition of Events

Test Forecast Model

Test Value Determ. for Infl. Factor

Forecast Model Definition

Definition – IF Type BPS Key Fig.

Definition – Infl. Factor Type Event

Definition – Infl. Factor Type Exit

Definition- Infl. Ftr Type #Sls Days

Markdown Profiles/Sales Patterns

Slow Seller Analysis

Display Worklist

Delete Worklist

Enter Fashion Grade

Maintain Other Characteristics

Integration for POS 2.3

Delete Aggregates

Delete PIPE Data

Audit Report

Display key versions

IDoc Parallel Processing

Customizing POS Data Warehouse

Number Range Maintenance: /POSDW/AGG

Number Range Maintenance: /POSDW/OUT

Log Display POS Data Management

LPA: Customer Mapping

Initial Pattern Processing : LPA

Transaction for LPA Cust Mapping

Transaction for Pattern Creation

POS WB: Selection and Overview

POS WB: Overview Yesterday and Today

POS WB: Errors Yesterday and Today

PIPE Outbound Processing

Payment Card Migration

POS Data Parallel Processing

Inbound Queue Processing

Monitor for Inbound Queue

Recreate Index Records

Inbound Queue Reorganization

Administration of TREX Search Engine

Number Range Aggregate Number

Number Range Aggregate Number

Change Task Status

Display Task Status

Import (Internal) XML Data

Export (Internal) XML Data

Corp. IM: Def. Strat.Characteristics

Corp. IM: Check Strat.Char. Unique

Contents: My Variables for User

DataSource/InfoSource Check

Dev. Classes for Query Elements

Queries/Workbooks Check

Create Article Hierarchy

Change Article Hierarchy

Display Article Hierarchy

Delete Article Hierarchy

Activate Article Hierarchy

Article Hierarchy: Copy Node

Deactivate Article Hierarchy

Survey Catalogs Maintenance Tool

Survey Catalogs Assignment Tool

DataSource InfoProvider Mapping

External List Management

Fill CRM Attributes

Calculation of Importance

Analysis Process: Create Target Grp

CLTV Modeling

Response Prediction Models

RFM Modeling

Execute Sales Planning

BW Survey: Target Group Management

xCBL Action Codes

Mapping of Ext./Int. Document Type

Maintain BRF BI Plan. Appl. Class

Maintain BRF BI Planning Scenario

Edit Analysis Run

Scalability Level Configuration

Display application log for recovery

Disable Real-Time Update to ODS

Enable Real-Time Update to ODS

Accrual Modeling Workbench

Coupon Redemption Modeling Workbench

Customizing Marketing Journal

Customizing MktJournal HTML Colors

Customizing MktJournal Profiles

Maintain BW Backend Object Types

GRC Timeframe Deletion Programs

Specify GRC Timeframe to be loaded

Call IMG for RMA

Define Number Range for RMA Run

Loads Data from Cube to Cond. Table

Copies MC Hierarchy to Object Hier.

List Message Logs

Copies Plants to Valuation Levels

Shrinkage at Valuation Level

Shrinkage at Object Level

Create Valuation Level

Create Inventory Data

Define Object Level

Define Object Name

Display Period Status

Condition Table via Recasting

Execute RMA Run

Local Master Data Matchup

Align SRM Product Category

Align SRM Vendor

Determine Questionn. for Suppl. Eval

Vendor Evaluation – Grouping

Survey Cockpit for Suppl. Evaluation

Vendor Evaluation – Weighting

Start Excel with BW Add-On and

Carrier KPI

Master Data Planning Views Custo.

Master Data Plannig Groups Custo.

Master Data Planning View Custo.

Master Data Planning View List

CMA Merchandise Planning

CMA Reconciliation Planning

CMA Store Planning

CMA Strategic Planning

Store Hierarchy Report

Time Hierarchy Report

Assortment Plan for Non-Seasonal.

Length of planning cycle report

RMA Merchandise planning

RMA Reconciliation Planning

RMA Store planning

RMA Strategic Planning

Retail PP Integration Sample

Sales Query for BI Size Curve

Example for size curve calculation

Planung: Übertragungsregeln

Planning: Maintenance sender struct.

Planung: Übertragungsregeln

Planning Folder Department

Planning Folder Budget Department

Planning Folder Head of Administratn

Planning Folder Administrator

RMA Administrator Workbench

RMA Audit Trail

Check for Critical RMA Settings

Forecast Function On/Off

Number Range for Period-End Closing

Reporting Suite

Generating Metadata

BI Content Analyser

BI Content Analyser

Installation of BI AC Content

Activate InfoObject Conversion

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