SAP Exchange Infrastructure in Basis (BC-XI) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 87 transaction codes used with SAP BC-XI component (SAP Exchange Infrastructure in Basis) coming under SAP BC Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BC-XI tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Esr Changelist Check

Esr F7 Checks

IDoc Adapter – Monitoring

Monitor for Message Packages

IDoc Package Wizard


BAM: Administration

Automatic BAM Customizing

Tracing for BAM

Administration Inbound Processing

Configuration Inbound Processing

Monitoring Inbound Processing

XI: Start/Stop BPE

XI: Display BPE Status

Display Archived Processes

Automatic BPM Customizing

Display Message Dispatcher

Display Message Dispatcher Cleanup

Integration Process Monitoring

Process Builder

Process Selection

Processes for One Message Type

Processes with Missed Deadline

Diagnosis Processes with Errors

Processes for a Message

Continue Process After System Crash

Continue Process Following Error

RFC Monitor

XML Object Type Builder

Integration Directory Cache

Cache Refresh Configuration

Check Settings of Runtime Cache

Monitor for ABAP Background Jobs

Test Environment for AII

XI: Message Monitoring

XI: Message Monitoring

Read from Archive (Using Archive)

Search for Archived XML Messages

Search for Archived XML Messages

Displays an XI Message

Processing Statistics

Test Environment for XI

PI Demo: Start of Application

PI Demo: Start of Application (ABAP)

PI Demo: Display Flight Data

PI Demo: Generate Flight Data

PI Demo: Send Booking Statistics

PI Pattern: Program for Execution

XML Validation Test

Integration Engine – Administration

Process Engine – Administration

Integration Engine – All Functions

Check Use of key for DB encryption

Start Integration Builder

Interf. for Archv. and Ret. Periods

Integration Engine – Monitoring

Process Engine – Monitoring

Schedule Archiving Job

Schedule Delete Jobs

Configuration XI Message Indexing

Package Configuration Types

Package Configuration

Transfer of User ID Configuration

Configure Delete Procedure

Number of EOIO Queues

Integration Engine Configuration

Creating Jobs

User-Defined Search: Config.

Analysis of Persistence Layer

Monitoring XI Message Indexing

Job overview

Display Pipeline Definitions

XI Queue Registration

Monitor for S/A Communication

XMS: Trace Display

Trace Configuration

XMS: Trace Display with Selection

Settings for Error Analysis

XI Alert Configuration

Message Filter Maintenance

Sender/Receiver Definitions

Schedule Message Processing

Scheduler for Message Processing

Conf. Queue Prioritization Filter

Parameter Transaction for TA SARA

Configuration of Package Statistics

Monitoring Package Statistics