SAP SAP NetWeaver Mobile – Use subcomponents in Basis (BC-MOB) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 68 transaction codes used with SAP BC-MOB component (SAP SAP NetWeaver Mobile – Use subcomponents in Basis) coming under SAP BC Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BC-MOB tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Administration & Monitoring Portal

Cache Area Purge Utility

ConfigPanel – BAPI Wrapper Settings

ConfigPanel – EFI Settings

ConfigPanel – Exchange Object

ConfigPanel – Mobile Data Object

ConfigPanel – Mobile App

ConfigPanel – Outbound Trigger

ConfigPanel – Push Scenario

ConfigPanel – Security Settings

ConfigPanel – Subscription Agent

ConfigPanel – System Settings

Agentry SAP Framework Conf (View)

Agentry SAP Framework Customizing

Generic Purge Utility

Syclo BAPI Workflow Inbox

Exchange Table Purge Utility

Mobile Trans. Update History purge

Push Instance Purge Utility

Application Log: Display Logs

Application Log: Delete Logs

Subscription Queue Purge Utility

Statistics Log Purge Utility

Alert Monitor

Device Configuration

MI:Process Mobile Component

Client Trace Settings

ME: Registration and Generation

Activating monitoring for RC-monitor

Maintain Delimiters for Message

delivery of BWAFMAPP entries

DSD Transaction – Download Queue

DSD Transaction – Upload Queue

Calls the Report MEREP_EMULATOR

Execute Replicator

Transaction to generate all

Activity Log

deletion of obsolete mobile ids


Mobile Monitor

Profile Dialog

Purge Tool

Repair critical tables in MI

SyncBO Builder

Device Configuration

Device Configuration

Edit Authorizations

Screen Control for Device Config.

Assign Text to Device ID

Assign Configuration Parameters

Parameter Conditions

Set Device Configuration Parameters

Get Parameter Properties

Assign Agents to Monitoring Function

Device Configuration – Types

Back Up CCMS Alerts for MI

Alert Monitor for MI Alerts

Client Log Analysis

Configuration of MI Client

MI:Process Mobile Component

MI:Process Mobile Component

MI SystemNews

MPA Reply Handling

MPA with MEREP_CONTACT (sample app.)

Maintain Message Template

Alert Customizing

Mobile Engine