SAP Information Lifecycle Management in Basis (BC-ILM) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 83 transaction codes used with SAP BC-ILM component (SAP Information Lifecycle Management in Basis) coming under SAP BC Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BC-ILM tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Def. of Data Destruction Objects

Set ArchiveLink References in RW

Set ArchiveLink References (Att.)

Change Expiration Date

Data Destruction

Set ArchiveLink References (DL)

Legal Hold Propagation (ADK)

Legal Hold Propagation (ArchiveLink)

Legal Hold Management

BTCI Report SARI Browser

ILM Store Browser

SN Extension Tool (Swiss Knife)

Transfer of Archive Administration

Transfer Administration Data Only


Transfer Attachments and Print Lists

Convert and Store Data

Transfer Content Repository Def.

Administration Data for SN_META Only

Convert and Store Metadata

Convert and Store Transaction Data

Transfer Transaction Data to RW

Context Data/Snapshots to RW

Convert and Store Context Data/SN

Transfer Metadata to RW

Audit Package Maintenance

Audit Package Template Processing

Audit Area Processing

Call Audit Trail Wrapper Report

ILM Check Sums

Download Browser local reporting

Download Browser local reporting

ILM Repository

Print Lists: Find and Display in RW

ILM Repository

ILM Rule Simulation

SRS Store Administration

Table Browser local reporting

ILM View Definition in RW

View Maintenance for ILM

IRM Policies

IRM Customizing

IRM Customizing (Business Suite)

ILM Policies

ILM Cockpit Reporting Customization

Define Audit Area

Define BOR Keys

Define Callback Destination

Compare Audit Area with Meta-Data

Content Repos. Retention Warehouse

Transfer Data

IMG of Retention Warehouse

Load Repositors from Metadata

Display Logs

Display Logs – extended

Launchpad for AP Administration

Launchpad for Product Liability

Launchpad for Tax

Generate Objects

Export Query Results

Maintenance of Repository

Repository Structures f. Object Type

Define InfoObjects to Be Reused

Maintanance of the Audit Areas

Maintanance of the AuditP. Template

Data View Files

Create a VirtualProvider

Define Content of VirtualProvider

Delete Content of an Audit Package

Generate Content for Audit Package

Audit Package Handling