SAP Enterprise Service Infrastructure in Basis (BC-ESI) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 52 transaction codes used with SAP BC-ESI component (SAP Enterprise Service Infrastructure in Basis) coming under SAP BC Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP BC-ESI tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Maintain Logical Ports

Show SADL of Gateway Project

Status&Action Management Design Time

Sesi Demo: Back Office

Sesi Demo: Plant

Sesi Demo: Sales Office

Sesi Demo: Warehouse

Service Extension Workbench

Service Implementation Workbench

Check Landscape

SIW Monitor

SOA Manager

Exit technology

call program SPWSE_DTELmap

Activate Remote Debugging

Maintenance SRT

Path Prefix in ICF for WSDs

.NET – SAP Interop Browser

SAP Interop browser BizTalk tests 2

Report Error Log

SRT Error Log

WS Message Monitor

WS Sequence Monitor

Roles maintenance

Sequence monitoring

Web Service Test Cockpit

SOA Runtime Tools

Tracing Utilities for Web Service

WS related Runtime Errors – E2E

SRT Error Log E2E

Tracing Utilities for Web Service

SRT Trace Analysis E2E

Maintain UDDI Registries

User Defined Search Configuration

Start Watcher

Web Service Administration

Web Service Classification

fields maping for import classficat.

Release Web Services

Maintain documentation server for ER

Path Prefix in ICF for WSDs

Idempotent Service Administration

Get/Check WS Configurations

Isolation of WS Providers / Consumer

Log viewer for srt configuration

WS Publication Log Report

Web Service Migration

Enterprise Registry Parameters(New)

Publish Web services

Restrictions of services publication

Get/Check WS Configurations

Get/Check WS DT-RT Changes