List of SAP System Tables

Here is a list of most important SAP standard system tables. Its not complete list. This is just of a reference to know the name & purpose of important tables which used by widely used functional modules.

SAP System tables for Sales orders

LIKPShipped Lines header
LIPSShipped Lines detail
VBAKOrder headerEvery order (unless archiving)
VBAPTable fieldsEvery line item (unless archiving)
VBBEOpen sales order line itemsGreat file,but be careful. Contents don’t reflect orders that do not affect purchasing (go figure).
VBFADocument flowLet’s you move from order to shipping document to invoice.
VBUKOrder status 
VBUPLine item detail status

SAP System tables for Material Management

MARAInventory Master
MARCPlant Data
MARDCurrent Inventory
MBEWMaterial Valuation 
T179Product Hierarchy
MVKESales data materials)
MKPFMaterial documentStatus code ‘R’ in VBFA

SAP System tables for Purchasing

EINAPurchasing inforecordby MATNR/LIFNR contains things like vendor material number and access key for EINE
EINEPurchasing inforecord detailContains minimum purchase, group, currency
EKPOPurchase orders
EKETScheduled lines
EKESVendor confirmed lines

SAP System tables for Service Management

CAUFVService order header
AFPOService order lineHolds items that will create “reservations”
RESBSM ReservationsMaterials needed for line

SAP system tables for Customer Data

KNAICustomer Master
KNVVSales information
KNVPPartners (ship-to, etc)

 System tables

DD02TTable texts 
DD03LTable fieldsLists the fields in a table
DD04TData element texts
USR02Valid user names 

Config tables (normally begin with “T”)

T001Client table
T005Region (Country) 
TCURRCurrency and exchange rates
TVAKOrder type
TVSBShipping condition
TVAGTRejected reason for order line

Other tables

STXHText header
STXLText detail