‘Hello world’ ABAP program

  • Call Transaction ‘SE38’.
  • Create a new program.

To proceed in an SAP 3.x system you must be registered as a Developer. You get your Developer Key from your Sys. admin in a couple of minutes/hours/days after you applied for it. It must be entered once when you create your first program.

Program attributes:

  • Type: 1
  • Application: S
  • Choose a meaningful title
  • (Save)
  • Choose Development Class &TMP or press Button ‘Local object’

Now you can edit the source code.

Position the cursor in a line number cell. Press F1 for the help of editor line commands.

enter i3 which inserts three new rows into your program.

report zhello.
write: / 'hello world'.

(Save, Generate, Execute)

In 3.x you can set your Editor mode in menu /Settings/Editor mode

(in 2.x this is the only editor mode)

If you choose Command mode you get an extra input line, where you can execute commands. Position the cursor here and press F1 for the available commands. My favorite one is the HELP command.Try out the HELP WRITE command. What you see now is a hypertext (clickable). I know that this online help is an online meaningless chaos for the first time, but sooner or later it should become your reference