ABAP program for Creating Extract Dataset


Write a program that lists the Vendors and their Accounting documents. Create extract dataset from KDF logical database. Loop through the dataset to create the required report. Don’t list those vendors which has no documents

ABAP Source Code:

report zfwr0001 no standard page heading.
tables: lfa1, bsik.
field-groups: header, item1, item2.
insert lfa1-lifnr bsik-belnr into header.
insert lfa1-land1 lfa1-name1 into item1.
insert bsik-belnr bsik-budat into item2.
get lfa1.
….extract item1.
get bsik.
….extract item2.
….at item1 with item2.
……..write:/ ‘Vendor number:’, 28 ‘Name:’, 56 ‘City:’.
……..write: 16 lfa1-lifnr, 33(20) lfa1-name1, 62(20) lfa1-ort01.
……..write:/ ‘Document no.’, 15 ‘Date’.
….at item2.
……..write:/ bsik-belnr, 13 bsik-budat.
Additional task:

Don’t forget to set the Logical database to KDF on the “Program Attributes” screen.

Vendor number: 100124 Name:Coca Cola City: New York

Document no. Date

1800000316 01/08/1997

Vendor number: 100126 Name: Universal Studios City: Los Angeles

Document no. Date

1800000109 12/02/1996

1800000341 01/10/1997

1800000321 01/14/1997