ABAP Source Codes & Sample Projects

For learning ABAP you need to try several programs like other programming languages. Most of the beginners try with the program “Hello World” output as their first ABAP practice programming.

You need to be thorough about the loops, conditional statements like IF, ELSE and declaration statements at the starting stage. After that need to program with tables, structures, arrays and all. At the advanced stage you will go through interactive reports, Events, ALV and all.

Here is some useful ABAP source codes and Sample projects that you can try while learning. Freshers & beginners can use these sap ABAP programming examples as their mini projects or SAP ABAP programming practice.

ABAP Sample source codes & projects


An ABAP code will look like the following code. It has comparatively simple syntax than other programming languages like PHP, C++, Java, Python etc.

REPORT zhello_structured.

MODULE p_start.
  DATA: lv_counter TYPE i.

  DO 10 TIMES.
    WRITE: lv_counter.
    lv_counter = lv_counter + 1.


Importance of practicing with example projects

Learning ABAP programming and doing projects is super important. It’s like turning book knowledge into real skills. When you practice writing code and work on projects, you get better at solving problems and thinking like a real developer. Projects help you understand how to create useful and efficient programs. It’s not just about memorizing; it’s about doing and learning by experience.

Doing ABAP projects while learning is like a fun challenge. It’s not just reading—it’s like an adventure where you use what you’ve learned. Projects show you how to solve real problems and make your code work well. You also learn how to work with others and manage your projects, which is important in the real world. So, practicing with projects is the key to getting really good at ABAP and being ready for a job in programming. Happy coding!

Sample ABAP Program Source codes